September 2021 Release Notes

This release makes it even easier to utilize valuable features in the Sidebar while composing emails in Gmail. Other recent updates include enhancements for lookup field record creation and Office 365 Calendar/Task Sync, as well bug fixes.

Sidebar Compose Enhancements

Gmail users can now access all the Sidebar compose features (Templates, Email/Link Tracking, List Send) when composing any email (new, reply, or forward) without having to enter the “full screen” compose window. This reduces clicks, saves time, and aligns better with the typical Gmail workflow.

In addition, the Sidebar automatically refreshes to show email-specific data when switching between pop-out compose windows or highlighting a specific message in a thread.

Finally, both Gmail and Outlook users can access the Sidebar compose features without having to first add a recipient.

To learn more, review What Sidebar features are only available when composing an email?.

CI21 compose features email options templates list send (1)

Other Recent Updates

  • All lookup fields now support new record creation.
    • Lookup fields will show New and Search to the right.
    • For example, when editing or creating an Opportunity, you can now create a new related Account record at the same time.
      • Previously, you’d have to first save the Opportunity, then create a new Account, and then edit the Opportunity to relate the Account.
  • Calendar Sync for Office 365 now maps Salesforce’s Show Time As event picklist to Outlook’s Show As picklist for event records.
    • This requires Graph API to be enabled for your org. If you aren’t sure Graph API is enabled, reach out to our Support team.
    • Calendar Sync for Gmail and Exchange supported this behavior and require no changes.
  • Task Sync for Office 365 orgs with Graph API enabled should now run consistently without errors.
  • Within Google Calendar, the Cirrus Insight icon will consistently appear to access the Sidebar.
  • As part of the Scheduling feature, rescheduled Google events will successfully send updates to the scheduler.
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