I Signed Up with Cirrus Insight but I Want to use Sign-In-With-Salesforce Now

Cirrus Insight originally stored a username and password in our database for secure access to the Cirrus Insight utility.  Over time other sign in options have become available.  This article is targeted to those who were using Sign-In-With-Cirrus Insight previously and would now like to use Sign-In-With-Salesforce.

When you attempt to log in to the Dashboard website using https://app.cirrusinsight.com, if the system detects that you previously used Sign-In-With-Cirrus Insight (which used to be the sole option) and now wish to use Sign-In-With-Salesforce, it will ask you to link the two accounts together.  If you attempt to sign in from the sidebar, you will be referred to the web page with a clickable link that says Cirrus Insight Web App to complete the mapping there.

Click the link and enter your Cirrus Insight credentials.  You will then be asked to sign into Salesforce on the Salesforce login screen and the accounts are then linked.  After you sign in with your Salesforce username and password, your accounts will be linked and you can use the Sign in with Salesforce icon.