Admins | How do I set up a Google Workspace Service Account?


Connect a Google Workspace Service Account with Cirrus Insight to centrally manage features like Calendar Sync, Email Sync, Task Sync, and Calendar Scheduling pages (in conjunction with a Salesforce Service Account).

  • A Google Workspace Service Account provides a simplified user experience by allowing the account to act on behalf of your users in the background, minimizing the need for individual user configuration and setup.


Google Workspace Admin permissions are required to complete the following steps.


First, navigate to OR

1. Within the Select From field, choose the email domain that this Service Account should connect with.

2. Click on New Project.

3. Assign a name of your choice for the Project.

4. Make sure that the Organization picklist is pointing to the intended email domain.

5. Click Create.

6. Google will give you a notification confirming that the Project has been created and selected.

7. Click on Enable APIs and Services.

8. Add the following API keys: 

  • Admin SDK

  • Gmail API

  • Google Calendar API

  • Tasks API

  • Contacts API

9. Once all API Keys have been Added, open the Google Menu and navigate to APIs & ServicesCredentials. 

10. Click Create Credentials.

11. Click Service Account.

12. Assign a name to the Service Account. 

13. Assign a brief description to the Service Account. 

14. Click Create and Continue.

15. Select Done.

Granting project or user access is not needed (the wizard's optional steps 2 & 3).

16. Click Manage Service Accounts.

17. Locate the new Service Account.

18. Click Manage Keys.

19. Click Add KeyCreate New Key.

20. Select JSON.

21. Click Create.

22. Locate the Client ID key, and copy its numerical value.

23. Navigate to → Click SecurityAccess and Data ControlAPI Controls.

24. Scroll down to the very end, and click Manage Domain Wide Delegation.

25. Click Add New.

26. Submit the Client ID value on the Client ID field.

27. Under the Oauth Scopes field, submit the following comma-delimited URLs (copy and paste):,,,,,,,

28. Click Authorize.


Updated Feb. 2022