How do I set a Custom View for my Scheduling link?


From the Scheduling tab, use Custom View to limit your calendar availability to a specific date range when sending personalized meeting links.

If you haven't already, start by setting up Calendar Scheduling.

Admin Setup

Admins can enable or disable Custom View from Scheduling Settings.

User Steps

  1. Navigate to the Scheduling tab in the Sidebar.
  2. From any Calendar View, select the Custom View icon settings-custom-view.
  3. Select the Meeting Type (if your Calendar View has more than one).
  4. Adjust your range of available dates by setting Availability start and Availability close.
    1. Advanced Settings allow you to set your Working hours, add a Booking buffer to prevent sudden meetings, set Time between meetings to allow for breaks, and choose a Link format.
  5. Choose Copy Link to get a customized scheduling link with the availability range you set.2023-06-14 16_01_11

  6. Optionally, expand Advanced Settings for even more customization.2023-06-14 16_01_31
  7. Paste the link into emails or anywhere else you want to schedule meetings customized to your availability.


Updated July 2022

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