How do I use the Zoom integration for Scheduling?


The Zoom Integration for Scheduling automatically generates Zoom meeting links when you schedule meetings via Cirrus Insight.

  • During the Scheduling process, recipients simply select a meeting time like usual, and the resulting calendar event will automatically include a custom Zoom meeting link.



1. Navigate to Dashboard > My Profile and click the Connections globe icon .

2. Select Connect Zoom Account under "Zoom" in the Manage Connections menu.

Screenshot of Cirrus Insight Zoom integration


3. Sign in with your Zoom credentials and allow the necessary permissions.

Screenshot of Zoom integration with Cirrus Insight

4. Navigate to Dashboard > Scheduling > Meeting Types.

5. Edit an existing Meeting Type or create a new one.

6. From the Location Type field, select Zoom.

Cirrus Insight screenshot.

7. Make any other changes before selecting Create or Save.

  • Optional: Repeat steps 5-7 for any Meeting Types that you want to be Zoom integrated.

  • Learn more about setting up Meeting Types:

8. When using Scheduling, simply select a Zoom-integrated Meeting Type if you want Cirrus Insight to automatically generate a custom Zoom meeting link.

The Zoom link will be added to the calendar event's location field upon creation (once the recipient selects a meeting time).



Updated Aug. 2022


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