Admins | How do I set up the Zoom integration for Scheduling?


The Zoom Integration for Scheduling automatically generates Zoom meeting links when users schedule meetings via Cirrus Insight.

  • After enabling for the org, Zoom can be chosen as the "location type" for any Meeting Type (either by the Admin or by users, if allowed).
  • During the Scheduling process, recipients select a meeting time and the resulting calendar event will automatically include a custom Zoom meeting link.


  • Cirrus Insight Admin permissions
  • Zoom user account


1. Navigate to Admin Dashboard > Scheduling Settings > Integrations.

2. Enable Zoom and click Save.

calendar integrations

3. Choose Zoom as the Location Type for any new or existing Meeting Types that should include a Zoom meeting link.

This can be done at the Admin level or the user level:

Admin Level
User Level

Edit/create Meeting Types from:
 Admin Dashboard > Scheduling > Meeting Types.

Select Zoom as the Location Type.

Users should follow the steps in this article:

 How do I use the Zoom integration for Scheduling?

Applies to whole org.

Applies only to user.


meeting types



Zoom Permissions

  • Zoom App Installation:
    • Zoom Admins can either pre-approve the Cirrus Insight app OR disable the requirement for Zoom Apps to be approved before user install.
    • Zoom provides guidance in their article below:

Scheduling Setup

  • Alternate Location Types:
    • If both Custom Location and Zoom are enabled, users can choose either one as the location type when editing or creating Meeting Types.
      • If Custom Location is selected, recipients will be able to edit the location.
      • If Zoom is selected, recipients will not be able to edit the location.
    • If you later disable the Zoom integration for your org, the Zoom location type will be removed from all user and org Meeting Types and will be replaced with the Custom location type.
    • Learn about related org-wide Scheduling settings from:
  • User Meeting Types:

Updated Dec. 2022

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