Google Meet Integration: Feature Sheet

Overview: The Google Meet Integration for Scheduling automatically generates Meet links when you schedule meetings via Cirrus Insight. During the Scheduling process, recipients simply select a meeting time like usual, and the resulting calendar event will automatically include a custom meeting room URL. 


  • Gmail Connection
  • Google Meet Integration enabled by Admins
  • Create or Edit Meeting Types to select Google Meet


  • Your Cirrus Insight Admin will Enable the Org setting for Google Meet integration
    • Admin Portal Location: > Select Admin role > Scheduling Settings > Integrations > Google Meet


  • Users with an established Gmail connection can immediately apply Google Meet as the location type for one or all Meeting types directly from the sidebar or User Portal!
  • The Google Meet option is found in the Location Type dropdown when creating or editing any meeting type


  • After selecting Google Meet and saving the changes from a Meeting Type location field, Users will be able to choose to: 
    • Update the location for the selected meeting type
    • Update all Meeting Types they have created.


  • Warning: Selecting "Apply All" will change the location for ALL meeting types across ALL views
  • If Google Meet is your primary teleconferencing tool, Apply All will save set up time.
  • Note: Make any other changes before selecting Create or Save.
  • Learn more about setting up Meeting Types:
  • Meeting Type cards will now display Google Meet Meeting


Scheduling Page:

  • The location field for scheduling pages configured to Google Meet will also display Google Meet Meeting when customers select a booking time from the User calendar..



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