Admins | How do I adjust org. settings for Scheduling?


As a Cirrus Insight Admin, you can create/manage Meeting Types and adjust Scheduling Settings for your organization through the Admin Dashboard.


1. Sign in to the Dashboard via

Meeting Types

2. Navigate to Meeting Types within the Scheduling section.

admin dashboard meeting types

3. Create and manage Meeting Types for your entire org:

  • Creating a New Meeting Type:

    • Admins can create and customize new meeting types for their users here. From the Create New Meeting Type window, enter meeting parameters like web meeting links or conference rooms that will be included in the meeting invitation.

    • Optionally, add survey questions (e.g. “How many licenses is your company considering?”).

    • Once you've completed all the fields and functions that you want your users to use, click the Create button.

  • Settings

    • Default Meeting Type: The Meeting Type will be first

    • Allow Scheduler to edit: Users will be able to modify the Meeting Type

    • Allow users to hide: Allows users to hide the Meeting Type from their view in the sidebar

    • Allow users to duplicate: Users will be able to make a copy of the Meeting Type

    • Sync Calendar meetings to Salesforce when scheduled: When an event is scheduled through the meeting type, the event will sync to Salesforce

  • Managing Meeting Types:
    • As an Admin, you can editduplicate, or delete existing Meeting Types for your org.
admin new meeting type


admin create new meeting type admin edit meeting type



Scheduling Settings

4. Navigate to Scheduling within the Scheduling section.

admin dashboard scheduling
5. From the Calendar section, add parameters to Calendar Defaults like Calendar Taglines, Meeting Days, and set availability with days, hours, time zone, and meeting lengths. Decide if users should be allowed to create their own Calendar Views.

admin scheduling settings
6. Navigate to the Integrations, Branding, and Advanced sections to adjust further settings.

  • Microsoft Teams: Enables the 'Microsoft Teams' Location option on meeting type configurations

  • Custom Location: Enables the 'Custom' Location option on meeting type configurations

  • Default Profile Picture: A profile image helps tie your scheduling page to your brand

  • Calendar Branding: Custom branding assets establish brand identity and consistency

  • Book Meeting: Controls access to Book Meeting for all users.
  • Custom View: Controls access to Custom View links for all users

  • Link Styling: Control how your calendar link looks when pasted

  • Encode links: Converts your calendar link into an encoded string of characters

  • Allow Cancel Meeting Option: If enabled, recipients can cancel meetings via the Scheduling confirmation email or the confirmation web page.
admin scheduling integrations
admin scheduling branding


schedule settings feature access



Updated Oct. 2022

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