How do I use List Send for mass emailing?


With List Send, you can send a mass email to a custom list of up to 500 recipients (who are existing Salesforce contacts/leads).

List Send enables you to use the list views you already have in Salesforce— or you can create new, customized ones— to populate your email's To/CC/BCC fields. Use Email Templates or compose one-off content for your mass email without ever leaving your inbox.


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Get Started Using List Send

On the top navigation bar in compose view of the Sidebar, users will see the icon for List Send. Users can search for list views and choose from Contact or Lead list views. Users can drill down into the list to remove any recipients. They will be able to choose from To/cc/bcc fields at the bottom right of the Sidebar to populate the list.

Additional Things to Know:

  1. The limit of 500 recipients per message is a limit set by Outlook to prevent spamming by users. Outlook also has a daily limit of 5000 recipients. For reference:
  2. If you have Shared Activities enabled on your Org, you will be able to file emails to all Contacts when you file to one from the Sidebar. Enable shared activities from Setup>Activity Settings>Allow Users to Relate Multiple Contacts to Tasks and Events on Salesforce:  
  3. With Shared Activities enabled, sync will also file the email to all Contacts. (The only exception being Bcc contacts as Outlook doesn’t let Bcc contacts to synced)
  4. Cirrus Insight has not set up any spamming regulations or controls as part of this version of List Send. If the org has customers who have opted out of bulk emails, users would need to verify that those customers are not on the recipient list before sending out mass emails.
  5. Cirrus Insight supports this feature on both Outlook and Gmail.
  6. Buyer Signal limitation in not tracing multiple unrecognized recipients in one email (never tracked earlier in and the previous email) will apply to bulk send.

Updated Sept. 2021

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