April 2023 Release Notes

Apr. 27, 2023


This week’s release contains more performance improvements to our Manage Users and Sync Analytics pages. Admins should see a significant reduction in load times for organizations with several hundred and thousands of users. 

We implemented fixes to the sidebar and the Team Scheduling feature. 


Admin Dashboard - Manage Users performance

  • The system that generates the list of users has been replaced with a faster solution allowing the Manage Users screen to now load the entire list of users in a few seconds even for orgs with several hundred or thousands of users.

Admin Dashboard - Sync Analytics performance

  • The system that generates the list of sync analytics results has been replaced with a faster solution allowing the Sync Analytics screens to load and filter the list of results in a few seconds.


Team Scheduling - Insert Times
  • Occasionally the Insert Times feature for Team Scheduling was taking users to an individual scheduling page. This has been fixed so visitors are taken to the correct scheduling page. 
Sidebar - File Email from Sent folder
  • The sidebar used to remain on the loading screen after attempting to manually file an email from the Sent folder. The sidebar no longer gets stuck on the loading screen.  

Sidebar - File Outbound emails

  • In some cases for orgs that have “Search for alt email fields” enabled we’d file the outbound email to the Account, but not the contact due to the Salesforce Primary email field being blank. This was fixed so outbound emails are properly synced to contacts who do not have a primary email address. 

Sidebar - Filed emails icon

  • In some cases we were incorrectly showing that an email was filed with Quick File, when in reality it wasn’t filed nor did the user click the Quick File icon. This was fixed so we properly show the Quick File status on emails. 

Apr. 20, 2023


This week’s release contains performance improvements for Calendar Scheduling and Email Blast search. We made enhancements to Team Scheduling card visibility along with bug fixes related to sending an Email Blast to contacts uploaded from a CSV. 


Calendar Scheduling - Performance Improvement: 

  • To reduce the time it takes to load a scheduling page we now load the current and future week instead of all of the user's availability all at once. Viewing scheduling availability beyond this period will load in under a second thanks to the optimizations. 

Team Scheduling - Improved team management:

  • Members of a team must now be invited to a Team Schedule. When inviting people we will send the invitee an email asking them to accept. Once they accept the invite, they will see the Team Schedule show up in their Sidebar under Team Schedules. 

Email Blast - History Search Performance Improvement: 

  • We optimized the query to the search results return more quickly. 


Email Blast - CSV Contacts
  • Previously if a user uploaded a CSV of recipients, Email Blast would not send the blast to recipients who are not in Salesforce. Email Blast now successfully sends to recipients in the CSV who are NOT contacts in Salesforce.

File Email - Direction Arrows

  • For users with "Append Email with Sent/Received Indicator" and "Enhance Email" enabled , we were not syncing the email directionality to Salesforce. We now sync email directionality to Salesforce for orgs who have these settings enabled.

Apr. 13, 2023


This release contains fixes for Sidebar attachment filing, Manage Users functionality, and Email Blast templates. 

Enhancements include updates to Sidebar search results and 2 new tracking options in Reply Tracking and Reminders. 


Sidebar - Search:
  • Previously we used the Search layout from Salesforce, but that often showed different fields compared to the Contact Compact layout. To make the contact card experience consistent in the Sidebar, we now use the same Compact layout for displaying contacts. 

Sidebar - Reminders: 

  • 2 new options were added to the Track Until drop down: “Until 1 week has passed” and a “Until 2 weeks have passed”. 
    2023-04-19 15_22_23




  • Attachments were being uploaded as corrupted files in Salesforce when filing them from a draft email. This has been fixed so attachments file correctly.

Admin Dashboard - Manage Users:

  • Previously admins would need to enter a valid phone number or have one already established in the user’s details before adding or updating a title. Now admins can update a user’s title without needing to enter a phone number.

Email Blast: 

  • Previously when selecting a new template the subject displayed below Choose Template wouldn’t change. Now the email subject now properly changes under the Choose Template wording when a user selects a new template.


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