July 2023 Release Notes

July 21, 2023


This week’s release includes an enhancement to the sidebar’s performance. 
Fixes were made to the Scheduling Analytics Admin report and Sync Replies feature of the sidebar. 


Sidebar - Performance Improvement

  • As a part of our dedicated efforts to optimize our user experience, we have implemented changes that will further enhance the responsiveness of the sidebar. When an email is filed we will now cache this information to the user’s computer. By doing this, we can return the filed status of an email much more quickly than before resulting in a snappier experience.

    For emails that we do not have cached filed details, we will look in Salesforce and update the cached results accordingly. 


Admin Dashboard - Scheduling Analytics

  • Using a start and end date filter in the Scheduling Analytics report would result in the last day of the search being left off.

    A fix was implemented to ensure the proper date range is being returned and exported.
Sidebar - Sync Email Replies
  • The Sync Email Replies feature was not syncing replies to filed emails as expected resulting in users needing to manually file each reply.

    A fix was implemented so replies to filed emails will automatically sync as long as the user has “Sync Emails Only to Replies” enabled in their sync settings

July 14, 2023


This week’s release we added tooltips to a couple key settings in the dashboards and implemented wild card logic to the Blocked Email Address field for Email and Calendar Sync. This allows admins to block entire email address types with greater ease. 

Fixes were implemented for Outlook users and scheduling screens. 


Admin Dashboard: Email and Calendar Sync - Email Blocking with wild card values

  • Originally our email blocking feature required complete email addresses to be entered. Customers requested the ability to prevent syncing with emails that contain values like noreply@ without adding each complete email address to the blocked list.

    The Blocked Email Addresses field and our calendar and email sync logic now support wildcard values like noreply*, no-reply*, *@domain.com, *@sub.domain.com, and so on. 

    More information can be found in the following sync documentation under Blocked Email Addresses. 

Admin and User Dashboards - Only Sync Emails Related to SF Items I Own tooltip

  • To better communicate how this setting works and what it impacts the tooltip was updated to add more clarity. The new tooltip reads: “Sync emails with Contact/Lead records that you own in Salesforce. Any emails with Contact/Lead records owned by a different Salesforce user will be filtered out."

Admin Dashboard - Sidebar Actions Items tooltip

  • To better communicate how this setting works and what it impacts the tooltip was updated to add more clarity. The new tooltip reads: “Control the order and visibility of action icons for all record cards in the Cirrus Insight sidebar. Click to hide or click and drag to re-order. Related Lists and Email Templates buttons are persistent.” 


Email Sync (Outlook) - Filed with CI label

  • Outlook users were reporting that some emails were being labeled with the “Filed with CI” label even though the user never filed the email. This lead to confusion about whether or not the email was actually filed to Salesforce. A fix was implemented to prevent this incorrect classification from occurring. Going forward emails should be properly labeled. 

Calendar Scheduling - Availability Slots

  • In some situations we were not correctly displaying currently booked slots as busy in the scheduling page. When a visitor clicked on a time that looks available, but actually booked, the page would continuously load and the visitor would be stuck in a loop. An additional fix was implemented to ensure busy slots, especially on weekends, are being properly rendered and displayed on the scheduling page.
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