January 2024 Release Notes

January 19, 2024


Multiple fixes were released for the sidebar and Email Blast that improves the user experience. 


Sidebar - Edit Layout

  • The edit layout gear icon was not showing in the header of all objects in the sidebar resulting in an inconsistent experience.

    A fix was implemented that ensures the gear is displayed on all objects when logged into the sidebar with an admin user.

Sidebar - Email Selection

  • On occasion the sidebar was not automatically highlighting the actively selected message resulting in the sidebar showing information for a previously selected message.

    A fix was implemented that ensures we’re selecting the active message in the user’s inbox so the sidebar presents the correct information and context.

Email Blast (beta) - Custom Reports

  • A bug was causing an error message to be presented when trying to load contacts from a Salesforce custom report.

    A fix was implemented so loading contacts from a custom report works as expected. 

January 12, 2024


A few enhancements have been released which allow the sidebar to replace the title field under a contact's name based on the compact layout,  custom object titles in the Related Lists view have been updated, and calendar scheduling support for “Created by Cirrus Insight” has been added.


Sidebar - Title can now respect the compact layout (Contact CI Support to enable this for your org)

  • To add more flexibility to the info we show for a person, new logic was added which respects the compact layout to a degree.

    If a compact layout has something other than title in the second slot of the layout, we’ll display that under the person's name.

    2024-01-12 08_54_24

Sidebar Related Lists - Custom Object Names Support
  • When viewing a custom object in the sidebar the Related Lists titles will now always match what is shown in Salesforce.

    Previously we would sometimes show the plural name of the object instead of the list name. Now we respect the list name of the object all the time.
    2024-01-12 09_11_23
Calendar Scheduling - Support for “Created by Cirrus Insight” added
  • For customers who created a checkbox field for events in Salesforce titled “Created by Cirrus Insight” they will now see events booked via the Scheduling pages checked in Salesforce.

    Previously we supported this behavior for Calendar Sync and manually filed events. We now apply this to meetings booked via our scheduling feature. 
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