Release Notes Sidebar v.

Application: Sidebar for Outlook

Release Version:

Release Date: 11-21-2018

Environment: Production

The production release is available from app.zyn, but you can install direct from the link below.



  • Currencies are formatted with two decimal places in Compact and Search layouts.
  • Consider all closed status values (rather than just the default) for Case, Opportunity, Task and lead objects.


New Settings Available to change Cirrus Insight experience

  • Hide the plus icon (add object) for any object list that appears under an expanded Contact. Example – prevent user from adding a Case to a Contact.
  • Hide any object list that appears under an expanded Contact.  Example – user wants to override Salesforce settings for related lists viewable on contact.
  • Configurable Add Product URL.
  • Specify an alternate object and record type for Log Call.
  • Only consider Shared Calendars (ignore My Calendars and Other Calendars) when setting up delegated calendar monitoring.
  • Disable Email Filing setting will hide Quick File box when the user creates an object.  (This box is typically used to file the email at the same time that the new record is created.)
  • Hide the Arrow that is usually prepended to the subject of a filed email.  (Two arrows currently appear - one facing right for reply and facing left for send)


Bugs Fixed

  • Creating an object while not viewing an Outlook item shows an error popup about attachments.  Example – select a date header in your Inbox and use the Create New tab.
  • Unable to click File Email after composing an inline reply and then clicking Pop Out.
  • Searches requested in batches of 150 object types rather than 200.
  • Office Add-Ins are disabled when composing a new email.
  • Task Type field is not sets for some users when filing an email.
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