Cirrus Insight 2020 July Release Notes

What's New?
Sidebar- Email Templates

Reusing standard emails will become hassle-free as you can now use Salesforce Email Templates directly from the Sidebar. Cirrus Insight’s Email Templates lets you choose one of your most-used Salesforce templates right from the Sidebar Home Page or 'View All’ to search/filter the template you need from all your Salesforce templates. You can also select any number of Related Objects to pre-populate variable tags on the template like Case ID, Opportunity Name, etc. to make sure your email has all the accurate information coming straight from Salesforce. Also, when you want to send an email related to a specific Salesforce object/record (like a Case or Opportunity), you can drill down to that object/record card first in Sidebar, click on the Email Templates action button on the card, and then choose the right email template to have the variable tags automatically pre-populated.

Automatic Buyer Signals

When you are composing an email, the Track Email checkbox is now always ‘True’ (by default). So without any extra clicks on the checkbox, every email you send will automatically be tracked for the email opens from your recipients

Turn On/off features at user-level

Users can go to Settings>Sidebar in the hamburger menu on Sidebar and turn on/off Email Templates and Automatic Email tracking. This disables the feature only for the user when it is still available at org-level

Performance Fixes

Faster loading of Salesforce objects and related lists on Sidebar by implementing progressive loading on the object summary page.

Improved performance on Contacts page when using Sidebar on a pop-out window or unpinned state.

Other fixes

Search functionality on the sidebar simplified to search only based on Name field for objects

Calendar Sync modifications to avoid unnecessary updates to recurring meetings

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