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Avatar Lutz

“My office loves this app! Works with Salesforce with ease and makes everyones' lives easier and more streamlined within our daily work!”

Suzanne Lutz - Associate Development Director - Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights
Avatar Lankow

“Cirrus has saved me so much time! It is so great to be able to update the lead source from the app instead of having to load Salesforce.”

Jason Lankow - CEO - Column Five Media
Avatar Barkus

“After performing more than 100 Salesforce implementations, Cirrus Insight is simply the first app I install when starting a new project. It gets me quick wins with the users and rapidly increases adoption before I do anything complicated. It’s proof that the best solutions are always the simplest to achieve.”

Adrian Barkus - Enterprise Solutions Architect & Salesforce Administrator
Avatar Mechenbier

“Cirrus is a must have for any organization using Gmail. Beyond creating contacts in Salesforce directly from Gmail and relating emails with one click, being able to look into Salesforce directly from my inbox has changed the way I collaborate with coworkers for the better. Brilliant!”

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