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Customer Reviews

Cirrus Insight is top rated by thousands of Salesforce users on the AppExchange, G2, and Capterra.

"This is an amazing tool to help integrate your emails, calendar invites, and all things Salesforce. It's given me back so much time that I can now focus on other goals and objectives in my day to day."

"I love that Cirrus helps me follow up with clients who I haven't heard back from in a few days. It allows me to hold people accountable and helps me make $$$ :)"

"This tool is a great way to connect Salesforce and Gmail, viewing and creating records, syncing emails and calendars. I really cannot work as effectively without it."

"Cirrus Insight is the best Outlook to Salesforce syncing software we've used. I highly recommend it for ease of use as well as their excellent support staff."

"CirrusInsight makes it easy to keep track of the hundreds of emails I get in any given day, ensuring that I'm not forgetting simple steps to track of relationships with different stakeholders. It's also super user friendly, and many of the things I use Cirrus Insight for can be accomplished in just one click - which is a massive time save for me and other folks on my team."

"Cirrus Insight has become an integral part of my team's prospecting and account management workflows. The ability to monitor email opens by time and location, clicks on links and search for specific emails (and their open behavior) has been a game changer. It has definitely led to more closed accounts since being implemented!"

"This is the single app that has made Salesforce usable for our organization, and its simplicity and power have enabled us to compete with organizations over 10X our size."

"This extension keeps my company running smoothly! Cirrus allows us to easily add new clients, add in phone call correspondence, and automatically logs in all of the emails we send back and forth. It's been a life saver, saving us hours of data entry."

"Cirrus Insight has been the tool our company was searching for. It turned our plain-Jane CRM system into a powerful email and activity tracking system that, now, we can't live without! "

"Cirrus Insight is great for large organizations, particularly those running large CRM databases. The integration is robust and features such as email sync, calendar sync and campaigns are very useful. Very powerful."

"Genuinely saves a ton of time scheduling meetings. I've received compliments from folks that have used it to get on my schedule. So much better than the back and forth of scheduling via email! I also love the email tracking features. SO handy to be able to see when and where an email is opened and what links have been clicked."

"This product has eliminated all excuses from my team about not logging things in Salesforce. It makes the process SO easy and has lots of bonus features that allow you to keep your Salesforce data updated without ever leaving your email inbox."

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