Cirrus Insight February 2020 Release Notes

Cirrus Insight February 2020 Release summary


  • Dashboard
    • Sync Admin Dashboards - Admins can see company adoption stats for Calendar, Email and Task sync. Admins can also see users' current sync status and start/stop user sync under their organization’s service accounts.
    • Sync User Dashboards - Users can see their personal sync statistics for Calendar, Email and Task sync. Users can also see a detailed log of synced items and a detailed log of items which failed to sync.
    • Buyer Signals - Web Tracking Code snippet. Admin users can copy a javascript snippet to place on their company website so web visitor traffic will be incorporated into Buyer Signals.
  • Sidebar
    • Buyer Signals activity on contact cards - See charts and a log stream of activity your contact has had with your emails, links, and website in the past 30 days
    • Person Account contact card support - Person Account records will now show as a contact card on the People tab. Person Account records are configured in Salesforce as an alternative to regular Accounts/Contacts.
  • Mobile - 2020 versions for iOS and Android
  • OWA
    • Resubmitted to Microsoft Store
  • COM
    • Better Installer experience, particularly around installations which require pre-requisites to be installed before the Cirrus Insight application can be installed.

Bug Fixes

    • Resolved “No Contacts” loading flicker when changing emails
    • Fixed subscription information on Organization Profile for Trial and Free accounts
    • Resolved error updating user profile from user dashboard page
    • Fixed issue where Gmail contacts are not loaded until email message is changed for the first time
    • Fixed CRM API issue still calling old 1.0 infrastructure
    • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
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