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Enhancing Student Experiences: 3 Ways Higher Education Embraces Scheduling Automation

Scheduling automation is transforming higher education, empowering faculty and staff to prioritize student support. Let's explore three key areas where colleges and universities are leveraging scheduling automation to enhance the student experience.

1. Admissions: Streamlining Interviews and Campus Visits

The journey begins with admissions, where the process can make or break a student's decision. Manual scheduling through emails can be cumbersome, leading to missed opportunities with top applicants. By automating scheduling, colleges can offer a seamless experience for prospective students, ensuring they can easily book interviews and campus visits. 

"Students who have a great onboarding experience are 35 times more likely to have a great overall university experience."  - Source: Connected Student Report.

For instance, a prestigious college's Assistant Director of Admissions improved efficiency by using Cirrus Insight. By providing scheduling links to students, counselors, and alumni, she streamlined the process, leading to increased engagement and smoother operations. Additionally, tools like round-robin distribution ensure fair interview allocation among recruiters, enhancing efficiency and applicant experience.

2. Academic Advising: Enhancing Student-Advisor Interaction

Academic advising plays a crucial role in student success, but managing hundreds of students can be overwhelming without the right tools. Scheduling automation simplifies the process, enabling advisors to share their availability easily. With custom questions integrated into the scheduling process, advisors can gather essential information beforehand, ensuring productive meetings. Moreover, routing functionality directs students to the right advisor based on their department, ensuring a tailored advising experience.

"Cirrus Insight streamlined how our students book meetings with advisors. That led to a 46% increase in advisor meetings since we moved to Cirrus Insight."

"We've been beta testing Cirrus Insight's new Smart Scheduler tool and it has been a game-changer for us. We're able to get students to the right support services in a matter of seconds now, where in the past it could take hours or days. Getting students scheduled with the right services and the right advisors with the skills to help that student is truly a game changer."

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3. Student Services: Facilitating Resource Access

Beyond academics, students rely on various services and resources. Scheduling automation can help students easily access tutoring sessions, wellness appointments, and other essential services. By providing streamlined booking options, colleges empower students to manage their non-academic needs efficiently.

In conclusion, scheduling automation is revolutionizing higher education, allowing colleges and universities to focus on what truly matters: supporting students. By embracing automation in admissions, academic advising, and student services, institutions can create a more engaging and efficient student experience.

Is scheduling software right for your educational institution?  Explore the many features used by numerous colleges and universities to streamline their student scheduling processes.  Discounts are available for educational institutions.


Ryan O'Connor
Ryan O'Connor

Ryan is a driven young professional with a background in project management and marketing operations in the SaaS world. With a wealth of industry experience and a talent for crafting engaging content, Ryan brings a unique and insightful perspective.

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