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Introducing ZynBit Sidebar 2020

A whole new ZynBit experience for the Sidebar, Sync, Mobile, Email, and Calendar Scheduling

Today, we’re excited to announce ZynBit Sidebar 2020.

The ZynBit Sidebar 2020 upgrade includes an overhaul of the existing user interface. Users can expect a more streamlined experience that provides more information at a glance with fewer clicks.

The new sidebar combines functionality that was previously only available through the ZynBit browser dashboard. These features are now integrated directly into the sidebar, such as: enabling sync settings, updating the user profile, and editing calendar scheduling settings.

Sidebar 2020 also includes platform changes that provide a seamless user experience across all devices and email environments.

ZynBit 2020 Sidebar Highlights



We’ve redesigned the sidebar and mobile interface to ensure you’re no more than 1-click away from your next customer workflow.


New Features

Enhanced activity logging, settings, search, social and web lookup


Training & Continued Education

ZynBit now has in-app tutorials, in-app resource center with knowledge-base materials integrated into the entire application.



A redesigned platform to enhance user and admin productivity and increase mailbox performance speeds with a lightweight sidebar.



Customize related list views & Admins have self-service control over sidebar settings.


Deployment & Upgrade

Deploy the Sidebar once and future upgrades can be automated without involving IT for support.


A seamless experience across all devices, for all users


We’ve redesigned the Sidebar to make sure that all ZynBit users have the exact same experience, regardless of what email environment or device they’re using.

What this means for you:

  • Users only have to learn how to use the ZynBit sidebar once

  • The new, simplified interface increases adoption rates

  • Training and onboarding time is reduced

1-click access to any workflow

click access to any workflow

We’ve redesigned the sidebar and mobile interface to ensure you’re no more than 1-click away from your next customer workflow. 

Whether it's logging an email, task or call in Salesforce, managing your sync settings or sharing your calendar, we’ve redesigned ZynBit for speed.

Simplified navigation

We’ve removed unnecessary icons and simplified the tabs and navigation for ZynBit users. The 2020 menu now provides just four easy navigate options:

1. People tab

The people tab provides detailed information on contacts that users are engaged with on email threads:

  • Information at a glance: A compact view of the Contact’s information is created from the Compact Layouts you have set up in your Salesforce organization. You can define which fields to display to users from your Salesforce account.

  • Contact card view: When an email is selected in the inbox, users will be presented with “card views” that provide details about that contact.

  • 1-click actions: On each contact card, users will be presented 1-click actions that can be performed on any contact, lead, or related record, such as; filing attachments, adding a task, logging a call, creating an event, sharing calendar availability with a contact, etc.

  • Related Lists: The Related Lists view displays any Custom Objects that exist in your Salesforce account. From here, users can view any records a particular Contact is related to, such as Opportunity, Account, Cases, or other Custom Objects. Users can also create a new record, and quickly file an email to a record directly from this Related Lists view. In addition, users have the ability to drag and drop their Related Lists and arrange them in any order they prefer.

  • Quick File: With one click, users can add a copy of that email into Salesforce under the appropriate Contact.

2. Scheduling tab 

The Scheduling tab is where users will manage, edit, and share calendar availability for themselves or for team members:

  • Information at a glance: A compact view of the details of your calendar is dispayed, such as; how many Meeting Types you have set up, a description of your calendar, the days of the week you are available for meetings, and your local time zone.

  • Meeting Type card view: Meeting Types are available to view and edit from the sidebar in the same “card view” as the People tab. 

  • 1-click actions: Actions that can quickly be performed on any Meeting Type, such as; copy the URL for that Meeting Type so it can be pasted into an email and sent to contacts, determine which Meeting Types are visible for contacts to book, adjust start and end time when each Meeting Type can occur, edit name and description of each Meeting Type, etc.

  • Settings: All meeting settings can be managed through the sidebar, without having to access the dashboard to make changes.

  • Searching a Team Member’s Calendar: Users can search for the calendar of one of their team members, and then send a link to that team member’s calendar to their customer or prospect.

3. Work tab 

The Work tab is where users can manage and update work assigned to them, including; Salesforce tasks, opportunities, cases, and any other record type requiring management by the users:

  • Card view: Objects are displayed sidebar in the same “card view”.

  • Information at a glance: Various Compact Layout fields are pulled from Salesforce and displayed for each object.

  • 1-click actions: Actions that can be performed on any record type, such as; file an email to that record type, add a task, log a call, etc.

  • Toggle to view different record types: Users can quickly select and view any record types from a dropdown menu at the top of the Work tab.

  • Filter, sort, and search records: From the menu at the top-right corner of the Work tab, users can filter which kinds of records they want displayed, sort records alphabetically, search for specific records, etc.

4. More Options tab 

In the 2020 More Options menu, users can perform quick actions to conduct global Salesforce searches, create new Salesforce records, or navigate to advanced options for filing emails to Salesforce.

  • Quick Action Menu: The Search option allows users to perform a global Salesforce search for specific records. The Create New option allows users to create a new record in Salesforce, such as a new Contact, Lead, Opportunity, etc. Users can also quickly file emails to Salesforce from the Quick Action Menu.

  • Settings: Users can now manage sync and profile settings directly from the sidebar, without having to access the dashboard to make changes.

  • Resource Center: At any time users can access the new Resource Center to view guides that will walk them through all the features and capabilities of the new ZynBit sidebar. New guides will continue to be added to the Resource Center to help users make the most out of ZynBit.

New Features

1-click web or social media lookup

Conducting research and gathering important insights about contacts and accounts is easier than ever with Sidebar 2020.

The People tab allows users to perform a search for their contact’s social media accounts and web channels with 1 click.


Search a Team Member’s Calendar

If a customer needs to speak to a different individual in the company, users no longer have to go through the back-and-forth of making sure that customer has been connected to the appropriate team member.

The search bar at the top of the Scheduling tab allows users to find the calendar of any team member in their organization, book a meeting on behalf of the customer, or send a link to that team member’s calendar to the customer.

1-Click Access to Settings

Previously, users would be required to manage sync settings from the Zynbit dashboard. Now, users can review, edit, or update sync settings directly from the sidebar.

Users can also manage profile settings, such as their inbox connections and user settings, directly from the sidebar.

Click Access to Settings

Buyer Signals

Sidebar 2020 now displays enhanced tracking on emails and links, such as:

  • Opens: View many times a contact has opened and viewed a particular email you have sent.

  • Clicks: Keep the pulse on shared content when your prospects and customers engage.

Web Visits: Gauge prospect and customer interest with web visitor tracking.


Training & Continued Education

In-App Learning

We are also introducing new in-app learning and messaging in Sidebar 2020. These in-app messages will now provide users tutorials to help them navigate the new Sidebar 2020 experience so they can onboard faster.

Resource Center

At any time, users can also access the new Resource Center to see additional guides or come back to something to review. New guides will continue to be added to the Resource Center to help users make the most out of ZynBit.

Admins can also view user adoption statistics and see how users are progressing through learning paths. This helps Admins ensure all users are given the chance to learn and understand the application at their pace.


ZynBit has been redesigned to not only enhance user and admin productivity, but also increase your mailbox performance speeds with a lightweight sidebar. 


Users can customize related list views and admins have more self-service control over all sidebar settings. 

  • Related Lists: Users can drag and drop Related Lists to arrange them in any order they prefer.

  • Self-Service Control over All Settings: Users no longer need to sign into the ZynBit portal to manage Sidebar, Sync, or Calendar Scheduling settings.  Do it all from within the sidebar.

Deployment & Upgrade

ZynBit deployment, user management, and upgrades are easier than ever with Sidebar 2020.  Admins can deploy the Sidebar once, and future upgrades will be automated without the need to involve IT for support. 

  • Outlook Users (Including Outlook for Mac) will receive email communication prior to general consumption providing notice of the new Outlook Web Application availability.

  • Gmail & GSuite Users will receive email communication prior to general consumption providing notice of the new Gmail Application availability.

Still have questions about the new Sidebar 2020 Experience?

No worries! We’ve compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions about Sidebar 2020. 

You can view our Sidebar 2020 Release FAQs here:
View Sidebar 2020 Release FAQs

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