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20 Sales Tools to Accelerate Your Success

20 Sales Tools to Accelerate Your Success

By Joshua Loomis on Nov 18, 2015

There’s a huge selection of sales tools out there (and growing everyday) to boost your productivity and make you more successful. At times though, there may be too many choices. That's why we've compiled a list of what we believe are the 20 best sales tools on the market.

See what app could take you to the next level.

Social Media and Networking


The goal of Newsle is to provide professional insights to help personalize your interactions and be better prepared for meetings with your LinkedIn contacts. The app finds news and blog posts about people in your network, and immediately alerts you when new information is published.

You can also have Newsle email you a list of relevant articles.



Going to meet with someone and want conversation topics? Charlie makes one-pagers on the people you’re about to meet — before you meet them. Gathering info from all over the web, you’ll see everything from breaking news articles, recent social media updates, to hobbies you have in common.

Instead of doing research yourself, Charlie sends it right to your inbox.



Ever wish business networking could be as easy as swiping right or left? Weave has applied the Tinder model to finding other industry experts and entrepreneurs in your area. It’s great way to find local people that share your business goals.

Of course, you’ll need to be in an area that has a decent number of business people using the app for it to be fully effective.


LinkedIn Navigator

If you’re in B2B and focused on social selling, then LinkedIn Navigator is going to be an invaluable tool. It helps you find the right prospects, gives you information and insights, and helps you through the relationship-building process. Who you should be talking to and what you should be talking about is all provided All you have to do is sell.

You can also connect to Salesforce to bring in fresh data.



In it’s basic form, FullContact allows you to sync your contacts from multiple places around the web. Once you dig deeper into the advanced features, you’ll have all your contact information updated daily (including social information and photos anywhere you need it).

FullContact provides a more complete view of all your connections.



Wish you could easily make simple, appealing web pages without having to rely on a team of programmers and designers? Populr lets you craft your own single webpage drag-and-drop style, and then share it out over whatever mediums you use. Quickly duplicate and edit pages to tailor your page to different audiences.

You’re also able to view basic analytics, like tracking how people interact with your page.

populr me

Your Inbox

Email Template Generator

Going off of a template when you start your emails can often be a good way to get the ball rolling with a message. Contactually has an email template generator to handle every situation: From reaching out to a prospect, following up after a webinar, or even getting your stuff back from your ex.

Some are obviously a bit more on the humorously side, but most of them provide strong starts to emails you likely send regularly.

templates contactually


Have an email marketing list, but want to know who it is you’re reaching out to? Upload your list to MailMatch and they’ll take care of searching the web for social information to fill out your list.

Figure out which prospects to focus on as well as gather valuable information for social selling!

screenshot-mailmatch io 2015-11-17 11-55-00

Have a lot of clutter in your inbox? allows you to see a list of all your email subscriptions and unsubscribe with a single click. No having to go through several web pages to finally get yourself off of a list you don’t want to be on.

After picking what you want to be subscribed to, the service lets you combine all your favorite subscriptions into a single daily email.


Email Hunter

Ever wanted to email someone, but you couldn’t find their email address anywhere? Email Hunter gives you direct access to all the emails on the web. You’ll be able to reach out and contact anyone you need, and all you’ll need to know is their website.

Even if you don’t find the exact email, it’ll show the mail pattern that your target site uses, so you can send an email if you know the person’s name.

screenshot-emailhunter co 2015-11-17 11-58-17

Personal and Organization Productivity


Evernote provides one location for all your work so you can keep moving through your to-do list. Gather everything for a project from web articles to photos you’ve taken. Share, collaborate, and present your work across all the platforms you work on. You’ll see your productivity skyrocket!

You can get organized and share your ideas for free with the basic version.



The Guru Chrome extension allows you to share information across your company. You create a card that can be accessed as needed whether you’re working in your inbox, on a call, or in your CRM. Everyone will be kept on the same page, and the on-boarding process for new employees will be easier than ever.

Guru ensures accurate and useful information is right where you need it.



Does your sales team struggle with motivation? Wish work was more fun? Ambition taps into the inner-competitiveness of your sales team and turns the selling process into a game (all while boosting their productivity)!

Points are awarded based on personalized company’s goals, and your sales group will enjoy competing for the top spot on the scoreboard.



Wunderlist revolutionizes the to-do list experience. Stay organized and keep track of all of your tasks regardless of what device you're on.  Make tasks from webpages or emails with the Chrome Extension. Set reminders and due dates for projects to make sure you never miss anything. Share to-do items so you can collaborate with others on your team.

Forget the pen and paper. Wunderlist is the new center for your workflow.


Salesforce Essentials


Geopointe gives Salesforce users spatial insights, so you can understand the mapping and geography of your customers. You can search the customers you have in different areas and regions, optimize routes between clients, and view geo-analytics.

Get the full picture of how your organization is competing across both the country and the world.


Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight places Salesforce in your inbox whether it be Gmail, Outlook, or Office 365. You’ll be able to use Salesforce where you sell, while also enjoying email/link tracking, the seamless booking of meetings, and other sales acceleration tools. Emails can be logged to Salesforce with a click, and the Cirrus side panel provides a snapshot of all your important customer information.

Cirrus also comes with a free mobile app!



Gridbuddy helps you filter and use Salesforce data. You’re able to view and act on multiple records at once. If you’re in Sales that means you can update several Accounts or Opportunities all at once. If you’re in Marketing, you can instantly find all the leads you need for your campaign.

No more having to open records one at a time.



DocuSign provides the Salesforce ecosystem's most popular document signing platform. Eliminate paperwork and delays while also keeping your business secure. If you’re not using a electronic signing service, it's time to make the move to DocuSign.

Who wants to fax another signature?


Conga Composer

Conga Composer takes information out of Salesforce and builds richly-formatted templates that fit your business needs. Save time on creating and formatting documents. After you’ve made your document, it's easy to to export that to wherever you working.

Your Salesforce data is yours to use, and Conga makes that possible.



Apttus provides a variety of solutions for common problems. Configuring price quotes? Managing your relationship with your supplier? Dealing with complicated contracts or workflows? Apttus will cater a solution specifically for you inside Salesforce.

You’ll shorten your sales cycle and increase the chances of closing your next big deal!


Did your favorite sales tool not make the list?  We're always looking for new tools to improve our daily workflow, so feel free to comment below to let us know.

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