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Automate Attachments with Attach and Cirrus Insight

Automate Attachments with Attach and Cirrus Insight

Maddy Osman

By Maddy Osman on Aug 03, 2018

Release Notes

Attachment tracking can help bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams. For those who use it with initial lead generation efforts, in addition to sending documents during the sales process, it can drive faster time to close a deal. We’ve built a number of dashboards that help your entire team dig deep into attachment tracking metrics.

Cirrus Insight acquired Attach, a tool for attachment tracking, in November of 2017. We keep adding new functionality. Today we announce a new Zapier link integration to connect Google drive documents with Attach.

Since then, we’ve demonstrated several different ways that sales teams can make use of this feature. While you may be familiar with these Attach features and use cases, you may not be aware of the automation power of this attachment tracking tool. To be fair, some of this functionality is new to you as of today! 

Automating Attach with Google Drive

Attach has integrated with Zapier for awhile now (more on that in a moment!). Zapier allows you to connect the various apps you use in order to share data and automate tasks that would otherwise involve manual data entry or cut and paste. In that way, Zapier is very much compatible with Cirrus Insight—we also aim to save our users from unnecessary double logging activities by using technology!

Attach users will now be able to integrate Zapier with Google Drive. This allows customers to auto-create documents in Attach that were first uploaded to Google Drive (you can even set a specific folder to help automate this process). Since most people use cloud storage for document management, it seemed like a natural fit!

Here’s how it works:

  • Create or login to Zapier. Zapier is free to use up to a certain amount of combined activities with your connected apps and “zaps” (automated tasks in Zapier).
  • Configure the Attach + Google Drive zap by connecting your accounts and testing to make sure everything’s working. Zapier guides you through the process so you don’t have to think like a computer programmer to get it to work!

  • Sit back and relax—you have one less thing to deal with on a regular basis! If you haven’t already, explore our enterprise scheduling feature to automate another part of your process: finding a meeting time that works for everyone. In fact, we’ve recently added a new feature you might be excited about: the ability to set a relative date range instead of having to pick a meeting time right away on a scheduling page. You can now select the option to “Allow users to schedule meetings starting X [*hours*/days/weeks] from now”.

Automating Attach with Zapier

Though Attach’s integration with Google Drive (thanks to Zapier) is the newest way to automate your process with our attachment tracking tool, it’s not the only way you can supercharge your workflow.

Here are some other existing Attach integrations to explore on Zapier:

Team Communication

Connect Attach to Slack. Many teams use Zapier to connect various apps they use with Slack. Slack makes it easy to share relevant information with an entire team (or select members). This zap makes it easy to share new Attach visit summaries with your team via Slack. Alternatively, you can use this connection to receive alerts about new Attach document visits via Slack direct message. Note that you can also integrate Attach with HipChat (which was recently acquired by Slack).

Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM)

Connect Attach to Hubspot. Hubspot is a great CRM for a freelancers or any company who uses Hubspot’s marketing automation efforts. This zap helps you translate new document views into leads in Hubspot. Note that you can also integrate Attach with Pipedrive (and!).

Email Service Provider

Connect Attach to Mailchimp. Besides leads, you can also translate new Attach document views into Mailchimp subscribers thanks to this intuitive zap. Note that you can also integrate Attach with ActiveCampaign (and SendPulse!). 

Cell Phone SMS

Connect Attach to SMS. Are you an outside sales rep who works primarily from your phone? This zap alerts you to new Attach document visits in real time, on your phone! 

And if you want to make your own zaps, here’s a complete list of currently supported triggers:

  • New Visit - Triggers when a document receives a new visit.
  • New Document - Triggers when a new document is uploaded.
  • Visit Closed - Triggers when a visit to a document is closed or ended.

Final Thoughts: Automate Attachments with Attach and Cirrus Insight

We’re excited about the possibilities that go hand-in-hand with using our tools to automate your workflow. Cirrus Insight has always been focused on helping users to be more productive by saving time and effort when it comes to logging Salesforce activity. Thanks to our many tools and these new Zapier integrations, we’re finding ways to help people find productivity hacks in all departments—not just sales. 

What Zapier integrations are on your Cirrus Insight wish list? Or, if you’ve successfully built your own Attach/Zapier integration, we’d love to hear the details! Tweet your thoughts at @CirrusInsight and we’ll share our favorites!

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