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How to Find Anyone’s Email Address: 6 Methods

How to Find Anyone’s Email Address: 6 Methods

Maddy Osman

By Maddy Osman on Feb 06, 2019

An email address is a valuable piece of information. Even more so than an office phone number, which can essentially prove nonexistent, especially as more companies move away from desk landlines.

From a resources perspective, cold calling alone can also prove to be fairly time-consuming. This is especially true when you consider that, on average, it takes 18 dials to connect with a single buyer.

This isn’t to say that cold calling is a tactic to be avoided, but cold emailing that utilizes productivity functionality like Enterprise Scheduling and Attachment Tracking is an efficient method of prospecting to fold in alongside the calls you’re already making.

So, it’s decided. You’re going to start sending out emails to increase sales touches!

Well, easier said than done.

Due to the sheer volume of emails individuals receive on a daily basis, not only are recipients choosy about what emails they open — they’re more conscious of who can even reach their inbox in the first place.

Luckily though, it can be done. And we’ve got the methods to prove it.

Here are a handful of ways you can go about finding anyone’s email address:

#1: Ask Google

Let’s start with the basics when it comes to research. Google is your friend and a treasure trove of knowledge: if you know the right questions to ask. 

Take what you do know about your prospect so far — a name, job title, company name — and plug it into Google as follows. 

[Prospects name] + [company name] + email address.

The more executive your prospect is, the harder it’ll be to track down their information this way. But it’s a good place to start, nonetheless.

#2: Search a Company’s Website

It may seem like common sense, but when conducting email research, don’t forget to turn to the company’s website. For smaller teams, you’re likely to find detailed culture pages that may or may not include individual team member’s contact information. Larger companies may offer complete employee directories on their websites.

Even if you aren’t able to find an email address through this route, however, the effort won’t be a waste of time. The more you familiarize yourself with a prospect’s offering, mission, and people, the more you can personalize your approach and improve upon current closing techniques.

#3: Turn to Social Media

Social media can be a great source of information, both personal and professional. Ideally, you’re already using these platforms as a way of further familiarizing yourself with prospect interests and contact information.


While you’re not likely to find a prospect’s business email on their personal Facebook Page, you may be able to track it down on their Business Page. If you’re targeting smaller organizations, see if you can find a listing for their company’s official page and explore the About section.


If your prospect has an active Twitter account, look through the information listed in their bio. Alternatively, consider giving them a follow as a gesture of interest and goodwill. 

Depending on how willing you are to nurture the relationship, you could also send a DM to further engage with them based on content they’ve Tweeted, and even request their email flat out if you feel so inclined.


One of your best bets when it comes to prospecting through social is LinkedIn. This is where you’re most likely to find someone’s business email displayed directly on their profile. And if you can’t, free Google Chrome extensions like ContactOut may be able to do the super sleuthing for you.

Also, if you’re already connected to a potential prospect, you can export LinkedIn Connection data straight to your inbox.

#4: Subscribe to Company Newsletters

One email-finding trick that can fly under the radar is subscribing to a company of interest’s newsletter or downloadable resource. Some companies will eventually send mass communications along from the founder or CEO for the sake of establishing authority and transparency with their audience.

Additionally, keeping tabs on what a prospect’s company is covering from a content perspective provides conversation points to touch upon when nurturing the relationship. Showing genuine interest is a great way to build trust and move one step closer towards closing the sale.

#5: Use a Third Party Tool

If you’ve reached a dead end up to this point, it may be worth investing in some sort of third party tool to assist your efforts. Hunter is one such resource to turn to. Creating an account is free and comes with 100 free searches per month. 

With only a name and a company website, Voila Norbert is another tool you can turn to for tracking down leads. Unlike Hunter, this tool isn’t without cost but you can take advantage of their free trial, good for 50 searches.

Email Permutator is a tool that takes a prospect’s first and last name, and website domain to generate potential email addresses. Use it alongside a tool like Sales Navigator to verify which emails are likely to correspond with who you’re trying to connect with.

#6: Ask Them

When all else fails, there’s no harm in simply asking someone for their email address. Especially if you’ve already put in the time researching and building your sales pitch, consider your first outreach attempt as a message on LinkedIn, Twitter, or some other medium. Just don’t pitch on that first message! Many find it to be tacky.

You may find that a prospect is more likely to open a message as part of your initial outreach attempt through one of those channels first than they would an email. And once you’ve established rapport, you can propose moving communications over to email or phone for further correspondence.

Final Thoughts: How to Find Any Prospect’s Email Address

When prospecting, a lot of time early on is spent conducting research. Whether the research is done for the sake of further understanding a prospect’s company or obtaining a contact email, there’s no shortage of ways to go about finding the information necessary to get your job done.

With an email in hand, dig into even more detail on prospects using the Cirrus Insight Side Panel. Put this next-level prospecting tool to use when you sign up for a 14-day free trial!

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