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Our Interview with Microsoft's Power BI Embedded

ZynBit's CEO, Phil Dixon had the recent opportunity to interview with Enrique Plaza Garcia, Product Marketing Manager of Microsoft Power BI Embedded, to share how ZynBit is incorporating Power BI Embedded into our offering to drive value to our customers.

You can read the full interview on Microsoft's Power BI Developers blog here.

Here are some highlights from the interview-

ZynBit connects all of your sales and marketing Bits to help companies transform teams into what we call “Sales Nerds”. The next generation of sales pros are 1-part sales engineer, 1-part customer success and 1-part data analyst. Customer buying behavior is changing – consumers and buyers are heavily researching their vendors way before the first sales interaction ever happens, forcing sales teams to rethink how they operate. "In fact, a recent Corporate Executive Board study shared by the Harvard Business Review stated that, on average, nearly 60% of a typical purchasing decision—researching solutions, ranking options, setting requirements, benchmarking pricing, and so on—happens before even having a conversation with a supplier.”

Enter ZynBit & Power BI Embedded.

With ZynBit and Microsoft's Power BI Embedded, sales and marketing are integrated teams with customer data spanning across the marketing funnel and through the sales pipeline. ZynBit integrates with Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce and your company website. ZynBit delivers web visitor history, CRM data and email tracking to the rep where they work – their inbox. A convenient and familiar interface with a single customer-centric view.

Screenshot of ZynIQ dashboard.

ZynBit lives inside of your inbox, whether its desktop, web or mobile. Now, sales nerds know which leads are opening their emails and which pages they’ve visited so they can customize and personalize email conversations based on what the customer is most interested in. They want all of this information, including the CRM data, neatly organized alongside email conversations and meeting invites.

Once a lead converts to an opportunity, a sales nerd wants to know who else at the customer account has visited the company website or opened emails from other team members. They want to know if a proposal is opened and read or if it’s been forwarded to a key decision maker.

Sales Managers want to know which of their team members are doing the best work and getting the best results. For marketers and sales managers, ZynBit leverages Power BI Embedded to visualize and explore the customer journey – from lead to opportunity to cash. Power BI Embedded enables sales nerds to understand customer interest and have the ability to follow up in a relevant and timely manner. They can understand which opportunities have the most activity in the last 30-60-90 days to validate their forecast.


To learn more about Power BI Embedded visit here.

Amy Green
Amy Green

Marketing Director at Cirrus Insight

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