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4 Steps to Prepare To Your Salesforce Lightning Migration in 2018

According to Salesforce, migrating to the lightning experience has boosted users productivity by nearly 40%. With Salesforce adoption still being a major priority for Salesforce administrators, putting a focus on the user experience can make all of the difference. It is important to take the first step of determining as an organization what your goals are for the migration to Lightning and what does success look like when you meet that goal. This Salesforce Trailhead is a great way to help guide you.

A first step to take in the journey to migrating a user experience is to "walk a day in their shoes". Fully understand and absorb the day to day routines of the users and how it varies among different teams.

One important thing to note in the daily work processes of your users is what environments are they working in the most. Do they spend the majority of their day in the Salesforce Classic environment? Or Maybe they spend a majority time in their email application or on the phone? Are they spending most of their time troubleshooting with customers? How do these current environments interact with Salesforce today or do they interact at all?

“There are lots of strategic decisions that need to go into a Lightning migration. This move has impacts on all aspects of a business. With the right planning and communication, it’s a very powerful game-changer!”

- Chuck George, CSS Tec Salesforce Practice Lead.

Below are some common examples of objectives and measurements for success for migrating to lightning that companies can adopt or evaluate for their own organization.

Increase User Adoption Increased User Adoption by 30%
Improve Productivity for Sales Cloud Users Improve Productivity for Sales Cloud Users with the ability to create a better lightning experience with tasks.
Capture More Customer Data Capture more customer data by integrating environments such as email to improve data flow and eliminate data entry.
Produce Dashboards That Add Value Produce Dashboards that Add Value- by capturing more data, we are now able to implement sales activity dashboards that show real-time and complete data in lightning. This keeps our sales leader in the know at a glance, so they can focus their time and not on data entry.

Top 4 steps to prepare for Migrating to Lightning:

  1. Take the lightning Trailhead
  2. Join this Play by Play by Plural Sight
  3. Find a Local User Group to become involved in
  4. Check out Salesforce Ben's Spring 18 Reasons to Migrate PostDocument a Rollout Strategy Checklist

Real World Example- ZynBit started our lightning migration by starting with Sales Rep tasks. We knew that the lightning experience provided a much better interface for task viewing to increase productivity. Below is a quick screenshot of this approach.

Figure A
Salesforce Lightning Example

This Salesforce Lightning example shows the list of tasks on the left and the individual task shows up on the right with the ability to inline edit the task.

Previously in Classic, users would be taken out of the task window to another window resulting in a lot of toggling between screens.

Now Sales Rep has a much more efficient way to view the list of tasks, complete and edit the tasks and create follow up tasks all from one screen.

Amy Green
Amy Green

Marketing Director at Cirrus Insight

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