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Top Goals for Salesforce Administrators in 2019

Top Goals for Salesforce Administrators in 2019

We recently took to Twitter to find out from #AwesomeAdmins what their top Salesforce goals are for 2018. If you would like to follow along, follow @ZynBit of twitter and post your goals! We have also curated a list of resources to help Salesforce Administrators achieve those goals!

  1. Getting More Salesforce Certifications (named Sales Cloud & Pardot)
  2. Governance
  3. Documentation
  4. Earning and Hitting Trailhead goals
  5. Ranger Status!
  6. Migrate to Lightening
  7. Adopting SalesforceDX Dev Workflow
  8. Salesforce Adoption
  9. Better Work/Life Balance! (Such an important one, we think!)
  10. AWESOMENESS!!!! (I mean who doesn't want that!)

Let's explore some great resources we curated on each of these goals!

Salesforce Certifications
    1. A Great Resource by Salesforce is the "Guide To Certification Paths" and a great place to start if you are trying to determine which certifications to go after and when. You can download the guide here- 
    2. Admin Hero has a lot of great guides and articles to help you navigate your certifications- here is a link to all of the content they offer on the topic- 
    3. Want to hear from other Admins on their journey- check out this blog post from a peer-
    4. Two other great resources that you must not forget while on this journey are:
      1. COFFEE
      2. WINE (Other whatever you fancy!) :)
    1. Take the "Manage Change with Governance Framework" Trailhead -
    2. Check out this step by step guide by Red Argyle-
    1. Check out this post on How To Improve Your Salesforce Documentation- 
    2. Check out this Salesforce Live video by Amber Boaz -!
    3. If you like Puppies and want to learn best practices for documentation- this is the post for you- 
Earning and Hitting Trailhead goals
    1. First things First- Set your Goal!
    2. Check out these 4 best practices for Learning on Trailhead-
    3. Read these helpful tips so each trailhead unit goes smoothly!
Ranger Status!
    1. Learn about all of the Trailblazer ranks here-
Migrate to Lightening
    1. Take this trailhead to help determine when it's the right time for your organization to move to lightning. 
    2. Learn how to enable your users for success in Lightning with this Salesforce live video-
    3. From there check out these migrating to lightning insider tips- 
Adopting SalesforceDX Dev Workflow
    1. Check out this slideshare on how to get started-
    2. See how to use SalesforceDX here- 
    3. Take this trailhead- 
 Salesforce Adoption
  1. Check out this webinar
  2. Check out this case study from Allied Building Solutions
  3. Better Work/Life Balance!
    1. Check out these tips from Mental Health America- 
    2. To kick start here are very simple things you can start doing today-  
    3. And subsequent to the advice in the article in #2 - here is some more supporting info on how getting up earlier can help improve your balance-


  1. Tip 1, if you achieve one of the goals above- You are awesome in our book!!

Cheers to 2018 and crushing your goals #AwesomeAdmin! We are cheerleading for you all the way!

Amy Green
Amy Green

Marketing Director at Cirrus Insight

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