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A Salesforce Love Affair

When I first became a Salesforce user in 2007, it was a big step up from our on-prem deployment of SalesLogix and ACT. The Salesforce Cloud was available anywhere, anytime which meant I was more likely to use it.  As an admin, I immediately fell in love with the power of the Salesforce Cloud, the AppExchange, and the whole Salesforce story.  If you’ve never read it, Behind the Cloud by Marc Benioff (the CEO of is quite an inspiring playbook for entrepreneurs, innovators, marketers, and execs.

Though as a sales rep, I still hated any amount of data entry.  And as I began managing teams and departments, I realized I wasn’t alone – most everyone rebels against data entry.

Who wakes up in the morning and gets excited about data entry and reporting? Herein lies the CRM conundrum…

The promise of CRM pretty much depends on data and yet clearly there’s a disconnect between what managers and executives expect vs. what reps need to do their jobs.  So we decided to create ZynBit for Salesforce.

ZynBit - We’re on a mission to change the way sales, marketing, and customer support work. ZynBit makes it easy for companies to become more customer driven by analyzing customer behavior.  ZynBit reports, prescribes, and predicts by collecting and visualizing interactions across your communication channels (email, CRM, website, social media, help desk, etc). ZynBit drives faster sales cycles, smarter marketing campaigns, and helps you cater to your most important customers.

We want Salesforce users to spend more time doing what they do best; working opportunities to drive sales, creating smarter marketing campaigns, and catering to the organization’s most important customers.  So much, we decided to make Sidebar free.  We hope you’ll use it, enjoy it, and tell your peers about it.

Phil Dixon
Phil Dixon

CEO of ZnyBit, Sales Nerd and Customer Experience Expert with 15 year’s sales and marketing roles. With a passion for blurring the lines between traditional sales and marketing teams to transform how companies interact with their customers.

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