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How Cirrus Insight Helps You Accelerate Every Stage of the Sales Process

You have no shortage of tools and tech options when building out a sales stack your reps will love. From customer relationship managers (CRM) to analytics, companies can mix and match to their heart’s content.

To help sales teams demonstrate they’re crushing work, whether in the office or elsewhere, reps need support. They need technology that is functional, integrative, and most importantly, easy to implement alongside their everyday to-dos.

What’s helping Salesforce lead the pack in the CRM (customer relationship management tool) market is their AppExchange, boasting over 5,000 apps. These add-on solutions — like Cirrus Insight for Gmail, Outlook, and Microsoft 365 — extend the power of their platform.

Cirrus Insight takes Salesforce adoption for sales teams to the next level.

Here’s how you can use it at every stage of the sales process:

Qualify Leads Faster During Prospecting and Discovery

When your sales quota is looming, it’s easy to waste time on false hope.

You can get so wrapped up in hearing what you want to hear that you forget the importance of disqualifying prospects early on in the sales process. Don’t lose precious time courting prospects that aren’t aligned with your ideal customer profile and/or aren’t genuinely interested in what you have to sell.

How do you pinpoint genuine interest in the earliest stages of the sales process? Cirrus Insight’s email tracking makes it easy. You can see who opens your emails and what they click on.

How Cirrus Insight Helps You Accelerate Every Stage of the Sales Process - email tracking

If they don’t engage with what you’re sending, there’s clearly a disconnect in relevancy. You can address this outright in your responses to create more efficient and effective rapport.

This feature is also handy during discovery. Tracking what prospects click on allows you to tailor messages to their specific needs.

Follow up at the right time, with the right email, and you not only move the conversation along — you move the right conversations along.

Stay on Top of Demos and Proposals

On any given day, there are multiple moving parts to manage in the sales process. Enterprise-level sales require enterprise-level automation.

You don’t have time to deal with discrepancies between meetings scheduled in your Gmail or Outlook calendar and Salesforce. So integrate the two platforms seamlessly with Cirrus Insight’s calendar sync process.

How Cirrus Insight Helps You Accelerate Every Stage of the Sales Process - Salesforce to calendar sync

The sync is automatic and bi-directional, helping you maintain data quality (and your sanity). Focus less on the busy work of manual updates and spend more time creating winning business deals.

79% of business buyers want their sales reps to be value-adding, trusted advisors. They want consultants. Every little efficiency adds up while you’re working to create stronger relationships.

Close More Deals with Confidence

Theoretically, when you reach the closing stage of the sales process, all of your ducks are in a row. You’ve put in the time to build your relationship, listen to the customer’s wants, and propose a solution best suited to their needs.

As Zig Ziglar once said, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” This is certainly the case in sales.

You want to close deals that are beneficial to the customer. Are you confident in the value of what you’re selling? Is it a deal you believe in?

Before making your final pitch, review your customer communications: from cold email to proposal. Automatic email sync from Cirrus Insight will make this process a breeze.

How Cirrus Insight Helps You Accelerate Every Stage of the Sales Process - Salesforce Sync

With this sync happening in the background, your prospect relationships will be documented from beginning to close.

Additionally, if a deal doesn’t go through, you can use email conversation history to pinpoint where things may have gone wrong. Sales managers can easily work with reps to identify trends in an effort to create strong email templates and improve the sales process approach over time.

Keep Your Onboarding Team in Sync

A good post-purchase process can have a major impact on sales. If your team isn’t aligned during onboarding, customers may question what was sold to them.

A contract is just words — customers need to see action for trust to remain intact.

Cirrus Insight’s Salesforce integration keeps everyone on the team in-the-know (not just sales). This level of transparency strengthens relationships with customers and across departments.

How Cirrus Insight Helps You Accelerate Every Stage of the Sales Process - Salesforce Automation

All your customer data gathered throughout the sales process is synced to one centralized location. Sales managers, account managers, marketing, and customer support teams can easily gather insights without having to track down individual sales reps.

When these teams have better access to relevant data points, they are better equipped to serve the customer. Everyone should feel confident walking into an onboarding meeting — knowing the role they’ll play in tandem with the solutions sold.

The faster you implement products and/or services for a customer, the stronger their trust in the process becomes.

Final Thoughts: Use Cirrus Insight During Every Stage of the Sales Process

Creating a sync between your inbox and CRM can help to solve many productivity problems associated with double data entry (or forgetting to bridge the gap if you don’t have an automatic sync). As you would identify your customer’s pain points, do the same for your sales team.

Where is the majority of their time spent in the sales process? Are there ways reps could be more efficient with their efforts without implementation requiring more effort on their part?

It’s easy to get started with tools like Cirrus Insight. They allow reps to work where they feel most comfortable — their inbox — without sacrificing the cross-team value of consolidated insights in Salesforce.

Get a feel for how Cirrus Insight maximizes your sales team’s inbox and calendar. Start a Free 14 Day Trial today!

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Maddy Osman

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