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The New Frontier of Conversational Intelligence in Sales

No more searching through account and contact records to understand where a deal stands! Easily find the actionable information you need. Pick up conversations, find crucial pivot points and easily coach your team at scale.

Activities+ is visible right from the Cirrus Insight Sidepanel to also make it easier to log activities while referencing past conversations.

We designed Activities+ with the following use cases in mind:

  • Actionable View: Review, search, and filter customer emails, events, and calls easily from your inbox.
  • Deal Leverage: Find crucial account pivot points, understand where deals stand, and when they are at risk.
  • Easy Coaching: Coach your team at scale. Easily share best practices, onboard reps to new accounts, and track progress as your team works a deal.

Activities+ is available for customers who connect to Salesforce with Gmail. Look for the Activities+ Icon in the Cirrus Insight Sidepanel - it is available to try with every 14 Day Free Trial Start.

The Activities That Make a Sale

What makes a good sale? There’s no perfect equation of activities.

One cold email + three follow-ups + two phone calls + one proposal meeting does not always equal one closed deal. Making a sale isn’t this cut and dry. If it was, salespeople wouldn’t spend their time commiserating over things like this.

Instead, it’s the contents of every activity that takes place leading up to a sale that drives the motions forward. In other words, conversational intelligence.

What is Conversational Intelligence?

Conversational intelligence, as it’s traditionally understood, refers to the ability of humans to connect with one another. It’s collaborative and focused on creating a shared concept of reality.

From a Challenger sales standpoint, you’re trying to make connections to solve your customers’ problems. More and more, that problem solving occurs across a greater number of people at each potential customer or account.

In other words, it’s a no-brainer skill worth mastering in sales.

During early sales stages, your conversational intelligence — more often than not — is made up of emails. How well do you say the right things at the right times to the right people?

Gaining insights into the context of those emails is everything.

Meet Activities+

Activities+, located in the Sidepanel of your inbox, is designed to give you an easier and more actionable view of the activities you already log through Cirrus into Salesforce.


This makes every email and calendar event added to Salesforce accessible in a whole new way — unlocking a new way to use Salesforce.

Activities+ empowers you to review, search, and filter emails with prospects and customers at-a-glance, from within your inbox. There’s no need to login to Salesforce and search records to take next steps when time is of the essence!

A Better Way to View and Track Long Email Threads

We’ve designed Activties+ with a simplified interface and activities aggregated by month.

Numbers associated with each month give you a quick glimpse into the level of activity.


Easily follow along across multiple emails to track the progress of conversations over time. And drill down into individual conversations when you need more context. Click on the activity to expand for additional information. 

All of your conversations with a customer are consolidated in one, easy-to-follow timeline.

Conversational Intelligence in Sales - Activities+ Side Panel

Having easier access to sales conversations provides deal leverage for quickly finding crucial account pivot points, helping you to understand where deals stand in the sales process — and when action is needed to reduce the risk of losing a deal in progress.

Easily Search and Reference Past Activities

With Activities+ you can now also search through your activity’s history and locate records relevant to individual contacts.

Using Activities+ you can easily pull up past activities to reference when you’re on a call with a prospect. Or in need of a refresher when building out contracts.

Better yet, you can then open your searched item for viewing in Salesforce.


Sales managers can take advantage of the data available in Activities+ to coach team members at scale.

Besides working one-on-one with individuals, use Activities+ data to share best practices with the team, onboard sales representatives to accounts that are new to them, and track progress towards new deals.

Final Thoughts: Unlock Conversational Intelligence in Sales With Activities+

With Activities+, you can do more than simply report on the number of emails and events you’re saving.

You can easily sort through past conversations to find the information you’re looking for. Activities+ also gives you quick access to Salesforce so you don’t have to waste any extra time logging in and searching for relevant records.

You can glean conversational intelligence from those activities. Intelligence that will bring more context to the data and help refine your sales approach over time.

Activities+ available to Cirrus Insight users who connect to Salesforce with Gmail. Once you’ve had a chance to try it out, share your feedback and let us know what you think!

Maddy Osman
Maddy Osman

5+ years of content writing for companies such as Cirrus Insight, Automattic, HubSpot, Sprout Social, Bluehost, Wix, and more. My background in WordPress web design contributes to a well-rounded understanding of SEO and how to connect brands to relevant search prospects.

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