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Cirrus Insight Maintains Top Spot as Summer 2020 G2 Crowd Leader


As the changing nature of sales forces teams to adapt, some things remain constant. Like our position as a G2 Crowd leader, for example.

Quarter after quarter, Cirrus Insight is ranked highly among the competition in G2 Crowd’s lineup of quarterly grid reports. We’re proud to be a leader in both sales engagement and email tracking for Summer 2020 — ranking seventh and eighth respectively, overall.

With more than 1,084,000 peer-based reviews on everything from sales and content management software to staffing services, G2 Crowd is a trusted resource among B2B professionals.

G2 Crowd’s Research Hub is an outlet for in-depth resources, surfacing market reports, new industry research, and thought leadership. The custom algorithm behind their review sorting methodology ensures that users get unbiased data on the market’s best products.

Cirrus Insight: Sales Engagement Leader

To help you understand, here is a visual comparison of how Cirrus Insight measures up against other Summer 2020 Sales Engagement competitors — putting Cirrus Insight solidly in the Leader category.



For the Sales Engagement category, G2 Crowd ranks software based on the following criteria:

  • What is the daily usage rate by salespeople
  • How well it aligns sales communication efforts under one platform
  • How well it provides standardization across sales content (e.g., email templates, call scripts, presentations, social posts, and other marketing materials)
  • How much it automates multichannel communication workflows
  • How useful the sales performance analytics and insights it provides are

Check out this G2 Crowd review from Kadesha M., a Global Sales Operations Coordinator. Kadesha has implemented our sales engagement features across her team for streamlined efficiency and powerful insights:


Cirrus Insight: Email Tracking Leader

Here’s how Cirrus Insight measures up against other Summer 2020 Email Tracking competitors from a mid-market standpoint:


And here’s where Cirrus Insight ranks overall:


G2 Crowd ranks software in the Email Tracking category based on the following criteria:

  • How well it integrates with email platforms for the sake of managing daily sales activities
  • How well it enables email scheduling across a variety of factors
  • How comprehensive and useful notifications are around recipient actions such as email opens, replies sent, attachments viewed
  • How well it categorizes inbound and outbound communications with tags, lists, and/or priority
  • How useful the email performance analytics and insights it provides are

Check out this G2 Crowd review from a Cirrus Insight user working in publishing. They were using email tracking functionality to better understand customer engagement and save time with automatic updates to Salesforce:


Final Thoughts: Cirrus Insight Maintains Top Spot as Summer 2020 G2 Crowd Leader in Sales Engagement and Email Tracking

When vetting different sales tools on the market, it’s important to anticipate both your present and future needs. This is especially true for those working to manage newly remote teams and those focused on customer experience sales models.

At Cirrus Insight, we put relationships at the center of every sale while recognizing that most reps in the field deal with limitations on their time and resources. This is why — in addition to the functionality recognized by G2 Crowd — we also offer the conversational intelligence capabilities of Activities+, seamless inbox integration with Salesforce, and so much more.

What are other G2 Crowd users saying about our sales engagement and email tracking capabilities? Check out our 1,300+ reviews or leave us some feedback with a review of your own!

Maddy Osman
Maddy Osman

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