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New To Salesforce Trailheads? Here are 7 Helpful Tips!

Here at ZynBit we are Salesforce users too! In fact, many of us are #AwesomeAdmins and are responsible for managing certain business objectives within our Salesforce Org. We are also an AppExchange partner, which means that all of our customers use Salesforce too, so it goes without saying that we take learning, applying and using Salesforce seriously and we love trailheads!

So What Do Trailheads Mean to You? We discussed this question here at ZynBit and we have come up with a few of our own answers, but we feel it’s an important question to ask yourself when you embark on your Trailhead journey!

What are your objectives? Here are a few objectives that our Salesforce Admins mentioned.

“I need to find answers to complex problems that we have in our Salesforce org. That includes; data management, workflows, field management, and AppExchange solutions to name a few.” – Kathy Roy- Director of Operations, ZynBit

“In Marketing, trends and technologies are moving at a rapid pace. If you are not keeping up, you are left behind. Salesforce offers so many great tools to elevate your marketing strategy and trailheads are a great way to keep up your skills and how to apply them to your marketing strategy.” – Amy Green- Director of Marketing, ZynBit.

We can keep the quotes coming, but let’s get to some tips that we have encountered along our journey for Trailheads-

Tip 1: Understand Your Learning Objectives- this will serve you well as a guide to which module and trails you will want to blaze first! New to Trailhead- Review this great FAQ article from Salesforce.

Tip 2: Set Aside Time for Trailheads- many of the modules are 15 minutes or less! This means that starting with a small goal to finish a certain number of modules per week is not unrealistic!

Tip 3: Connect & Launch Your Developer Edition Before You Start the Module- tackling this task will save you time as you are completing your trailheads. This is also a great way to follow along the module.

Tip 4: Pay Attention to the Length and Format of the Module Before Starting-  typically you will find two types of module formats – question challenge or practice challenge. While some of the modules will say 15 minutes to complete, if it’s a practice challenge, be prepared that it could take longer!

Tip 5: Be Mindful of your Salesforce Experience- Lightning or Classic- many of the modules will walk you through how or where to access certain functions between lightening and classic, this is where Tip 3 really comes in handy, so you can look and review in your experience alongside the learning materials!

Tip 6: Join, Connect, & Collaborate on the Success Communities & User Groups- here are a few we have found for trailheads-

Trailhead Success Community

Trailhead for All

Find a Local Salesforce Saturday!

Find a Study Group!

Tip 7: Be Proud! We often hear from our users that one of the things they love about Salesforce in the community and ecosystem surrounding Salesforce. So be a part of it! Once you earn your badges, Salesforce offers you easy tools to add your badges to LinkedIn and you can tweet about your just earned badge! And don’t forget to allow your Success community profile to show your badges as well! Here’s a helpful article on how to do that!

We hope these tips make your Trailhead journey easier than ever and if you start blazing trails and find this post helpful be sure to tweet to us @ZynBit & #GetZyn!