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21 Incredible Sales Deck Examples Guaranteed to Get Buy-In

You've identified and connected with your prospect, explored their situation, and booked a meeting. Your prospect is getting close to making a decision, but first, you have to give them your sales presentation.

Things are getting serious.

Your sales deck should provide a background to your presentation, but what goes in a great sales deck?

The goal of a sales deck is to "visually and textually present your sales narrative to your ideal customer in a way that convinces them to buy your solution." - Peter Kazanjy

Just like we did with our giant list of sales email templates, we've collected 21 sales deck examples to help you create your own winning deck.

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Sales Deck Examples

Zenefits Sales Deck

This sales deck from Zenefits is simple yet informative. It can be modified for any industry as the design elements in this template are basic but it has consistency in its style, typography, and colors.

Zuora Sales Deck

To make a clear distinction between its brand and its competitors, Zoura’s deck uses image-rich backgrounds and contains minimal texts. Zoura's sales deck contains a presentation that communicates its value, vision, and story.

Facebook for Business Sales Deck

Facebook’s sales deck is persuasive because it appeals to multiple audiences by providing different strategies based on business objectives.

Uber for Business Sales Deck

In crafting its sales pitch, Uber has a remarkable concept that is catchy and somehow connected to what's happening worldwide. It depicts the growth model of Uber, the digital revolution, and the system that solves the taxi industry's current problems.

Reddit Ad Sales Deck

Reddit stepped up and built a sales deck that was engaging. It contains custom memes and images that make you laugh. But in advertising and marketing, it demonstrates that it can be a solid contender standing alongside advertising giants like Google and Facebook.

Immediately Sales Deck

A sophisticated and professional-looking deck from Immediately. It illustrates a concise and clear message. It also displays mobile-based sales solutions for companies.

Grindr Sales Deck

Grindr is an LGBTQ social networking and online dating app. It has an innovative, sharp, and modern style theme, including mini infographics and short text as well which is readable and organized.

Snapchat Ad Sales Deck 2015

Similar to its 2014 counterpart, Snapchat’s 2015 sales deck gets right to the point. It doesn’t waste space with boring or fluffy intros, and instead kicks things off strong with “Snapchat is the best way to reach 13-34-year-olds”.

Snapchat Ad Sales Deck 2014

Snapchat’s 2014 sales deck does a great job at getting right to the point about its key differentiator and core product functionality. This sets the tone for the rest of the presentation which is built around these core features.

Tumblr Ad Sales Deck

This deck from Tumblr does a good job of visually showing their new business product, and not just letting the text do all of the selling. On that note, we would have liked to see more concise and easy to remember sentences.

ProdPad Sales Deck

ProdPad’s sales deck was easy to grasp. It directly addresses the problem of its target market with simple visualizations of its solutions using large, bold fonts and fun photos.

LeadCrunch Sales Deck

This sales deck concentrated on the launch of LeadCrunch’s new product. With larger fonts - numbers are emphasized and icons are used for visual appeal. The presentation is seamless through a clear color scheme.

Adgibbon Sales Deck

Adgibbon’s superb business presentation visually illustrates its product and keeps each slide lively and engaging.

Relink Sales Deck

This sales pitch deck emphasizes the pain points of its potential customers that use AI and data science to connect candidates to jobs and vice versa. Relink outlines how these technological advances can affect HR.

Bounce Exchange Sales Deck

Bounce Exchange’s deck tackles all of its potential customers' specific needs by highlighting their product features that summarize its data visualization, analysis, and design.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Sales Deck

The business presentation dives into individual product lines and customers’ success stories which are valuable marketing assets. It is visually appealing and easy to understand.

Appsflyer Sales Deck

This customer-centric sales deck has a simple and minimalistic style yet compelling, on point, and graphically interesting. It explains more of its product’s capabilities and its customers’ needs.

Splunk Sales Deck

This deck clearly explains the product's advantages and gives a step-by-step walkthrough of how the product performs. It explains succinctly what data it operates on and how it is implemented.

Office365 Sales Deck

With a vivid color scheme and graphics, Office 365's business presentation is top-notch. It also concisely conveys the message and highlights its features and the data was easily interpreted using pictograms.

Contently Sales Deck

It sticks with the focused topic for each slide. The most persuasive element that illustrates the efficacy of the product is adding its case studies to its presentation.


Where to from here?

Peter Kazanjy, founder of TalentBin (acquired by Monster) put together a must watch presentation called Sales Decks for Founders. Even if you're not a founder, it's equally as relevant for marketers and salespeople who want to create a winning deck:

Founders for Sales Presentation Deck

Founders for Sales Presentation Video

The Example TalentBin Sales Deck

How to Create a Winning Sales Deck: Best Practices

Your sales deck templates should support your presentation. It provides a starting point and context to have a conversation around, not a crux to coast through a generic pitch.

Opt for graphs, charts, images, and white space over text. The more words on the page, the more they're reading the text and not listening to what you're saying.

The meeting is for your prospect, not you. If they'd like to steer the conversation in a new direction then let them do so. Be flexible and adapt to where the interests of your prospects lie.

The less they talk the less chance you have of closing the sale. Even though you're presenting this is still a two-way dialogue, so get them involved in the conversation where you can.

Tailor your presentation based on your prospect's interests. It should feel like it's customized to them. Don't have an overly broad focus - use what you've learned about your prospect and what they care about.

At a minimum, your Sales Deck should include:

  • Who you are: keep it brief and relevant
  • The "before" or problem section: make them feel the pain
  • The "after" or solution section: show them how good life can be
  • Why you're the best solution: connect the dots between before, after, and your solution
  • Who else you're working with: validate your solution with social-proof
  • A call-to-action: bring the conversation to a head (e.g. with pricing, they're going to ask)
  • Appendices: objection, "choose your own adventure", and edge-case slides

Creating your own startup sales deck? Read our guide to create and design sales decks that knock your prospects' socks off.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I make a sales deck?

In creating your own sales deck, follow the traditional sales narrative: identify the audience and their dilemma, encourage them to understand the problem, present your offer as the most realistic alternative, and provide a case study to show that it works.

2. What should be included in a sales deck?

There should be a few key elements of a sales deck: a catchy opening slide (cover image); a story to start your sales pitch. Data is also necessary such as graphs, statistics, charts, quotes, and which are also supported by other facts and information to be presented to the target audience.

Erika Desmond
Erika Desmond

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