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Sales Hackers Guide to the Galaxy Vol. 5: Salesperson Converted to Smarketer

Smarketer- A subject matter expert that knows how to connect with customers in the new normal.

There is the old way that people buy which harped on the relationship sales, then there is the new way where buyers see salespeople as adding friction to the buying process. According to the hubspot blog, "the historic buyer’s journey - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, Salespeople were responsible for driving the buying process and bringing prospects from attention to action. A century later, the sales process has changed dramatically. The new buyer’s journey -- Awareness, Consideration, Decision, buyers aren’t being dragged into a sales process by a particular company’s rep and are instead defining their business pain and independently seeking solutions, they don’t start with a product, but instead by educating themselves on how best to solve their problems."

But, how do buyers educate themselves and how can you help to educate them? To be relevant in the new normal you have to bring value to the well-informed buyer, how do you do that? Be a Smarketer!

Join Derek Wyszynski and ZynBit for this talk on Salesperson converted to Smarketer. In this webinar we will cover:

  • What are the catalysts that have resulted in a change in buyer behavior and how understanding this will help you adapt better.
  • How salespeople should respond to the new buying behaviors.
  • How to become a subject matter expert in your field.

Bonus Content: Derek will share real world tactics to expand your knowledge in your industry or field converting you from Salesperson to Smarketer!

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2:00 PM ET

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About the Presenter-

Derek Wyszynski has 30 years of governmental and corporate business experience. From his tenure as an Intelligence Analyst at the National Security Agency, to his term as CIO of one of the largest law firms in the US, to his years as a national sales leader at the Xerox corporation, Derek has been at the forefront of technological advancement and its effect on evolving business processes

Amy Green
Amy Green

Marketing Director at Cirrus Insight

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