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Sales Hacker's Guide To The Galaxy Vol. 6: Customer Experience is Sales 3.0

Customer Experience is Sales 3.0

What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is defined as the sum total of conscious events, as as a coordinated series of interactions between a customer and a brand to accomplish anything. Above all words - a customer experience is defined by the customer, for the customer, at each touch-point, each time. — Esteban Kolsky


What is Sales 3.0?

The evolution of sales starts at 1.0- the introduction of the sales process, 2.0 the introduction of technology such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Salesforce, and finally Sales 3.0- the incorporation of adopting the philosophy of being all about the customer and keep the customer experience at the forefront of everything.

A Study recently put out by NewVoiceMedia shared some frightening realities:

- 49% of customers that switched vendors did so because of poor Customer Experience.

- 42% say they would not only leave but also post NEGATIVE reviews or share their NEGATIVE experience via social media!

As a Sales Professional do you think customer success is not your job?

If you think that way, you need to change your thinking! In this new normal, sales is normally the first impression a customer will get on what their overall experience will be and their success to directly tied to yours!
In this webinar Derek Wyszynski will cover:

  • The importance of Customer Success
  • Why Sales needs to change their thinking of "that's not my job"
  • And what you should do to embrace the customer experience every day

Bonus Content: 5 Things to do today to promote customer experience today.

Join us for the live webinar at Thursday, September 14th at 2 PM ET

Register Here >

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DerekDerek Wyszynski has 30 years of governmental and corporate business experience. From his tenure as an Intelligence Analyst at the National Security Agency, to his term as CIO of one of the largest law firms in the US, to his years as a national sales leader at the Xerox corporation, Derek has been at the forefront of technological advancement and its effect on evolving business processes.

Amy Green
Amy Green

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