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The Cloud Economy: Why Smart Companies #WinWithData

Today, the IDC releases an update to their 2016 Study on the Salesforce Economy projecting how Salesforce, its customers and partners will impact the global economy by 2022. Why Smart Companies #WinWithData? In this new age of the customer, smart companies are investing heavily in cloud solutions to improve and optimize the customer experience.

Industry Growth

Here are 7 attributes of a smart company:

1. Thinks Customer First by mapping and understanding the customer journey specifically from the perspective of the customer.

2. Aligns internal processes and resources to efficiently facilitate the customer journey at each stage.

Great Customer Experience Starts Here

3. Have data driven systems which help track customer engagement and interactions.

Track Customer Engagement & Interactions

4. Invests in tools to help measure customer engagement.

Smart Companies Make Cloud Investments

5. Invests in tools which help customer representatives facilitate process. Productivity Tools Drive Process & Collect Data

6. Invests in tools which help analyze customer data.

Data Model The Customer Journey

7. Relentlessly leverage systems and data to optimize the customer experience along with company revenue and expense management.

At ZynBit, we’ve worked with 1000’s of companies who’ve invested in the Salesforce Economy and here is what they all have in common…

Winning With Data: ZynBit Customer Success Stories
Intelligence and Productivity that Spans Across Industries

Buyer Investigation Stage > Seller’s Lead
Real World Customer Examples – iHeartMedia and Hawaiian Telecom
iHeart Media and Hawaiian Telecom rely on email tracking to help sales reps measure engagement and prospect interest. Email opens and link tracking help sales reps prioritize which leads to follow-up with and more importantly, when to follow-up. With prospecting insights, more high-quality leads are converted to opportunities.
At Hawaiian Telecom, a Hawaiian based communications company, sales reps are able to view web visitor history while conversing with customers via email or calendaring. This web visitor history helps sales reps quickly understand if a prospect is interested in residential, business or wholesale services. Here’s an example; a prospect has mostly visited web content related to security, the sales rep can then see through the link tracking via the email inbox that there is an interest in secure internet vs. next-generation firewall.

Goal: Gain insights to help sales teams immediately understand a buyer’s profile, collect related collateral to share and align technical resources to assist the buyer with their evaluation.

iHeart Media, a leading global media and entertainment company, uses calendar booking pages to streamline how new prospects and customers schedule time with account managers and media planners. As a buyer, it’s simple to book convenient meeting times by foregoing the email ping pong game and the seller receives an added layer of meeting data like meeting type and qualification questions which are attached to each meeting.

Goals: Better understand our customers and make it insanely simple for prospects to engage with us.

Buyer Evaluation Stage > Seller’s Sales Aligned Lead
iHeart Media uses ZynBit to sync meetings and emails to Salesforce opportunities. Email, attachments, meetings and calls are the most important customer interactions once a lead has been aligned with sales. By tracking customer interactions back to opportunities, team members can easily review all the history associated with a contact, account or a specific opportunity while sales management is better able to measure pipeline activity and velocity. This level of customer data makes it easier to analyze 2500+ sellers and optimize customer engagements.

Goals: Use opportunity activity metrics to assess individual sales performance and produce more accurate, timely forecasts.

Buyer Measure Stage > Seller’s Opportunity Pipeline
Alliance Bernstein, an AXA’s Wealth Management firm, uses ZynBit heavily to update Salesforce and to align 650+ financial advisors for scheduling client meetings. As an advisor, calendars are synchronized with free/available time and automatically color coded by meeting type. Advisors receive a color-coded calendar dashboard for their week, while sales management is able to see micro and macro trends on the business based on the quality and quantity of specific meetings which happen throughout the lifecycle of each client.

Goals: Make it simple to schedule meetings for advisors, collect meeting information into Salesforce and optimize client acquisition and client review processes with insights from the data.

Buyer Purchasing Stage > Seller’s Contract Management

Almost all ZynBit customers use email tracking to know when proposals, contracts and other closing documents have been opened and viewed - helping sales reps better understand when customers have interacted with materials shared. Any ZynBit customer which uses Salesforce opportunities will also use ZynBit to seamlessly update opportunity stage, probability, amount, and forecast categories.

Allied Building and Bio-Rad Laboratories, for example, use ZynBit to generate Salesforce quotes and proposals without ever leaving their inbox.

Goals: Make it sure it is simple and fast to create Salesforce opportunities, proposals and quotes so that sales reps are more efficient and the business can collect better more opportunity data with a high level of confidence in data quality.

Buyer Planning Stage > Seller’s Project Management
Wenger, a Design and Manufacturing company, uses ZynBit to integrate Outlook with Salesforce and SharePoint for project management and document collaboration. At Wenger, projects can last years and have 100’s of orders over its history. Each project can generate 1000’s of emails and documents which all need to be saved and easily searchable. Sellers at Wenger are able to get all of their Salesforce and SharePoint work done without leaving the convenience of Outlook – whether it’s creating new contacts, opportunities or orders in Salesforce or seamlessly storing emails, attachments and documents in SharePoint such that they can be easily searched and accessed through Salesforce.

Goals: Be able to quickly respond to customer, vendor and partner request for information during or post project completion. Save individuals 30 minutes per day by preventing unnecessary data entry.

Buyer Consumption Stage > Seller’s Customer Service & Retention
Aramark and Staywell use ZynBit to create Salesforce cases without ever leaving their inbox. Emails and attachments are then easily related to cases for efficient resolution and history. Service reps are more efficient, more data is captured, and the customer experience is improved by centralizing communication channels into one feed. Goals: Increase the volume of cases captured and recorded in Salesforce, while cutting the time it takes to record cases and their corresponding emails and documentation.

“Smart companies, know their customer and relentlessly improve the customer experience using data”

Phil Dixon
Phil Dixon

CEO of Cirrus Insight, Sales Nerd and Customer Experience Expert with 15 year’s sales and marketing roles. With a passion for blurring the lines between traditional sales and marketing teams to transform how companies interact with their customers.

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