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The Top 10 Salesforce Tools for Sales Professionals

A sales organization’s number one technology investment is its CRM. The enterprise leader in that category? Salesforce. Ask around - and you’ll hear that the investment in is amplified by its integration capabilities with the rest of their sales and marketing technology - including email, calendar, content management systems, and other sales enablement tools.

Graphic of Salesforce sending emails to people.

Used in tandem with Salesforce, sales enablement tools can maximize the productivity, efficiency, and impact of your front office teams and their efforts by streamlining workflows, adding key insights to the customer acquisition process, and enabling sales reps to be more strategic and timely with their outbound communication.

Here are 10 of the best sales platforms every Salesforce user would be wise to adopt. Our choices were curated from the top-rated platforms on the AppExchange and G2Crowd. Check these tools out below and see which ones could add value to your sales organization.

The Best Salesforce Tools in 10 Categories  (A to Z)

The scope of this list covers 10 distinct categories - showcasing the best tools that integrate with Salesforce and sync your email, content, business analytics, and so forth to the platform.

To give you a full up-to-date perspective on the reach, value, and application of Salesforce’s integrations with today’s top enterprise software products, we’re breaking down the leading Salesforce tools that give your sales reps an unbeatable edge versus the competition and an easier path to growing revenue.

Ambition: Best Salesforce Analytics Tool for Sales Management


The platform’s bread-and-butter integration is Salesforce - and for companies who use multiple platforms to collect important business data, Ambition is a great way to curate and showcase performance analytics from Salesforce plus 3rd party systems in one place.

Website, Reviews, and Accolades:

Cirrus Insight: Best Salesforce Integration for G-Suite and Outlook


When it comes to G-Suite and Outlook data integrations with Salesforce, you can’t beat the original. Cirrus Insight pioneered the Gmail-Salesforce integration experience nearly a decade ago. Ten years on, the platform offers the most reliable email and calendar sync on the market - an unbeatable price.

Salesforce sync CI

Along with real-time data sync, Cirrus offers simple value-adding features like sales cadences lets you set up outbound email and call sequences at the drop of a hat. Templates and tracking make your reps much more productive showcases the best-performing emails you are sending, logs every email open, attachment click, meeting set, and upcoming task into Salesforce.

Website, Reviews, and Accolades:

Clearbit: Best Salesforce Tool for Prospect Data Management


Clearbit for Salesforce is an incredible tool that lets you enrich prospect data (i.e. contact information, social information, and company information) directly inside your CRM without lifting a finger.  Add an email, refresh your browser, and Clearbit will verify and enrich the prospect information for you right in Salesforce.


Whether you’re looking to get a complete view of your client list, understand your ideal customer profile better, or trim your lead form size down a hair, Clearbit will give you the insights you need with the minimum manual effort. The tool also integrates with Drift, Gmail, and Slack to provide ample insights wherever you are communicating with clients and coworkers.

Website, Reviews, and Accolades:

Drift: Best Salesforce Tool for Online Chat and Web Conversion


Built by former HubSpot leaders, Drift is ushering in the era of conversational marketing with hyper-personalized website chat UIs, forms, lead capture, lead enrichment, and direct sync with Salesforce.  If your company frequently engages its prospects on your website, then using Drift can give you a way to track and collect the data from those conversations directly inside of Salesforce.


For companies with more transactional sales processes, the value that Drift gives your sales team is potentially massive. A great way to eviscerate sales cycle length and take an initial conversation all the way to a closed deal as rapidly as humanly possible.

Website, Reviews, and Accolades:

Engagio: Best Salesforce Tool for Account-Based Everything


Engagio is the best account-based marketing and sales development tool for Salesforce users because - quite simply - it brings the full arsenal. Engagio gives your marketing, sales, and support teams an all-in-one interface so they can strategically manage accounts.

Using Salesforce as the bedrock, Engagio can give you clear insights, clear playbooks, and clear synchronization among your customer-facing teams. Worthwhile for any teams that go after enterprise clients.

Website, Reviews, and Accolades:

Gong: Best Salesforce Tool for Call Recording and Coaching


When it comes to call recording, analytics, and coaching, Gong has unbeatable software and a full-scale integration with Salesforce.  The platform can capture, record, store, and analyze conversations happening via your existing phone systems and web conferencing platforms, then shoot back recommendations and insights on how engaged the prospects were, what language your company uses is most impactful, and so forth.


A must-have for sales teams that conduct frequent conversations with prospects via multiple platforms - phone, web conference, et cetera.

Website, Reviews and Accolades:

Guru: Best Salesforce Tool for Content Management


Guru is a powerful content management platform with extra value for Salesforce users.  The platform enables you to add content to cards and organize your sales collateral so it's dead simple to find for reps. Even better, it signals the existence of relevant collateral each time you visit a lead, contact, or account page in Salesforce.

For sales teams who use Salesforce and Slack, the platform offers notifications that appear in Slack the moment a prospect clicks a tracked link - an event that is, again, auto-logged in Salesforce.

Website, Reviews, and Accolades:

HelloSign: Best Salesforce Tool for eSignature

HelloSign is a sleek, user-friendly eSignature solution that also spurs on your sales team to update opportunity stages as they move through the pipeline - thanks to slick integrations and automated notifications.


Agile and affordable, HelloSign is a great tool that incentives pipeline data accuracy and streamlines the proposal and contract creation process. Built for sales teams - not legal teams.

Website, Reviews, and Accolades:

Prezi: Best Salesforce Tool for Sales Presentations and Decks


Want to track presentation interactions and impact inside of Salesforce? Prezi’s business platform offers a direct integration with Salesforce that is nonpareil.

For sales reps looking to have the impact of their shared presentations noted in Salesforce - via tracking prospect clicks, view time, and so forth - Prezi is your go-to. The platform takes your presentation analytics places that other platforms simply cannot go - while logging everything inside of Salesforce.

Website, Reviews, and Accolades:

Tenfold: Best Salesforce Tool for Cold Calling and Call Centers


Tenfold offers an incredibly easy way to see caller data and insights for both inbound and outbound calls. The click-to-call functionality and direct integration with Salesforce have made Tenfold a godsend platform for some of today’s fastest-growing companies.


Case in point: Wayfair. See how they used Salesforce and Tenfold in tandem with Ambition to double the revenue generated by each of their B2B sales reps over a 12 month period.

Website, Reviews and Accolades:

More Resources on Salesforce Tools

Looking for more tools to supercharge Salesforce? Check out Cirrus Insight, this great list from Sales Hacker, and access these great resources from our team.

Erika Desmond
Erika Desmond

I bring 7 years of graphic design experience with 2 years of marketing experience from on the job training and experience. I've helped build Cirrus Insight into the company it is today from my start as a graphic design intern while earning my degree at Maryville College. Growing alongside Cirrus as a company has been an especially rewarding experience.

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