Using Google Voice with Salesforce

Google Voice Since we make an app that integrates Salesforce with Gmail and Google Apps, we tend to be big fans of Google services. And we love Google Voice. If you're not already using Google Voice, here are the highlights:

One Number Use a single number that rings you anywhere.

Online voicemail Get transcribed messages delivered to your inbox.

Cheap calls Free calls & text messages to the U.S. & Canada. Super low rates everywhere else.

It's easy to set up Google Voice. After you've set up Google Voice, head over to the Chrome Web Store and install Google Voice for Chrome. It's a must-have browser extension. It makes every telephone number in the browser a click-to-call link that starts a call in Google Voice. Google Voice recognizes the telephone numbers inside Cirrus Insight, which means you can quickly and easily call leads and contacts from Salesforce right inside Gmail. Of course, it'll also recognize phone numbers inside emails in Gmail as well as in records and views in Salesforce. Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 11.06.37 AM Happy calling!