The Fastest Way for SDRs to Book Meetings

Let’s face it: Trying to book meetings over email sucks. And it’s even less fun when you’re booking the meeting for someone else. It’s a pain point we heard loud and clear internally here at Cirrus Insight.


For example, our sales development reps (SDRs) set up sales meetings for our account executives (AEs). That workflow often leads to frustrating email conversations like this one below:


Prospect: Thanks for reaching out, Colin. I’m interested in learning more about your product. Could you chat sometime next week?

Sales rep: Awesome! Let me check my Account Executive’s calendar… How does Thursday morning look for you?

Prospect: It’s wide open.

Sales rep: Great, let’s do 10:00 am PST.

Prospect: Actually, that won’t work; We’re on the East Coast.

Sales rep: Ok, no problem. How about 9:00 am Pacific?

Prospect: Sounds good.

Sales rep: Excellent; I’ve just sent you a calendar invite.

Prospect: That time just got booked. Can we reschedule for later in the week?


Sure… We can reschedule. But that’s going to require changing the meeting time, canceling/updating the Account Executive’s calendar event, and then actually finding a time that does work. There has to be an easier way. Now there is!  


Introducing Shared Calendars from Cirrus Insight

Building on our already immensely popular ‘Book Meetings’ feature in gmail, we've added the ability to access and schedule meetings on your co-workers calendars!  It works like this:  



To get started, all you need to do is click the Book Meeting button in the compose window, select your teammate’s calendar from the dropdown box, pick available times, and then click Insert Times into Email. You’ll have a conveniently scheduled meeting for both the sales prospect and your account executive in no time!


If you need help setting up the feature, take a look at the Book Meetings - Shared Calendar Release Notes.


As always, you can begin your free two-week trial of Cirrus Insight at If you have any questions, feel free to contact us 24/7 at