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New Website Announcement: Welcome to the New Cirrus Insight!

Some changes have arrived at Cirrus Insight and ZynBit. As you may have noticed, the website and brand looks a little different. We’re pleased to announce the new Cirrus Insight.

ZynBit, now a part of Cirrus Insight, can now offer more than ever. But don’t worry — you’ll still have access to all of your favorite features of Cirrus Insight.

What you’ll find below: 

  • New website announcement: Everything you need to know about our new website and rebranding
  • A customer guide to using the new Cirrus Insight
  • Answers to some of your most frequently asked questions

Announcing the Launch of Our New Website!

In 2021, Cirrus Insight is growing and expanding to support your sales team further. We are thrilled to introduce our new website announcement.

We are bringing together the best of both Cirrus Insight and ZynBit into a unified product experience as a part of our new brand launch.  

Here’s how the new Cirrus Insight website experience will work for you.

Elements in the New Design

With our new website launch, you’ll see some new features and design elements. The new website is designed around the following brand principles:


Getting things done shouldn’t involve excessive effort or struggle. In this day and age, advanced automation technology means that you can accomplish tedious, complex tasks at the click of a button. 

Cirrus Insight’s new design prioritizes automation. Our products work reliably behind the scenes, eliminating repetitive tasks, gathering insights, and giving your customer-facing teams data-based context.


Our design places the customer at the center of everything. With our new platform, the views of customers will be complete, accurate, and clear.

This clarity enables customer-facing teams to be aligned and in harmony with each other and their customers.


We understand that the future of sales is all about collaboration. Your team needs to work together to brainstorm, ponder ideas, and support each other in order to arrive at the best decisions and results.

Cirrus Insight makes it easy to collect and access high-quality data, so your team always has context for effective collaboration with colleagues and with the client.


Effective customer-facing teams need to approach their work with plenty of energy. Our products are designed to keep up and support an energetic way of working that drives results.

What Has Changed?

Cirrus Insight’s new website helps teams to be free from CRM work and wasted opportunities.

As always, Cirrus Insight will give your sales team an effective, automated tool to get the best possible results from Salesforce. Our product:

  • Eliminates Salesforce data entry
  • Drives more customer meetings to reps’ calendars
  • Makes it easy to measure engagement and prioritize follow-ups with prospects and opportunities
  • Ensures everyone has access to quality customer data
  • Enables Salesforce with reporting on customer activity, territory coverage, and forecast validation

We’ve organized the website navigation to make it easier for you to find relevant information: 

New Website Announcement - Welcome to the New Cirrus Insight

New Website Announcement - Welcome to the New Cirrus Insight - Feature Overview

Customer Resources

Feeling confused about how to access Cirrus Insight after the new website launch? Not to worry. Here is a guide to logging into Cirrus Insight.

After our April new website launch, customers will see two options in the upper right-hand corner of the Cirrus Insight website:

New Website Announcement - Welcome to the New Cirrus Insight - Cirrus Insight 2019

Simply select the version of Cirrus Insight your team is currently using. When you pick the specific product your company uses, Cirrus Insight 2019, or The New Cirrus Insight (Our latest and greatest unified product experience), our site will direct you to the right place after logging in, so you can continue to access your dashboard as before.

Depending on which version you select, you’ll be brought to the following address: 

  • Cirrus Insight 2019 logo:
  • The new CI logo:

Have questions about logging into Cirrus Insight after the rebranding? We’re here to help. Keep reading for answers to your frequently asked questions, or feel free to reach out to us with your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure what to do? Here are a few answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Can I Still Use the ZynBit Product?

Yes! ZynBit customers don’t have to worry about what this acquisition means. You won’t need to alter anything about your ZynBit experience except for your login.  

When you visit the Cirrus Insight website, simply select the correct option (the new Cirrus Insight logo) in the upper right-hand corner, and we’ll make sure you arrive at the right dashboard.

Read more FAQs for ZynBit customers.

Can I Still Use the Cirrus Insight Product?

Yes! All versions of Cirrus Insight are here to stay. Whether you’re a customer of the older Cirrus Insight 2019 or the new Cirrus Insight, you’ll still be able to access the system by clicking the relevant “Cirrus Insight” in the upper right-hand corner.

Read more FAQs for CI 2019 customers.

Final Thoughts: Welcome to the New Cirrus Insight!

We hope you’re as excited about the new website launch as we are. The new Cirrus Insight promises to bring you a clearer, simpler tool to make your Salesforce experience better than ever.

With the new rebranding, we promise to:

  • Free teams from CRM friction and wasted opportunities
  • Free teams from trivial CRM tasks and activities
  • Work smarter with context to optimize your pipeline
  • Deliver on growth: Eliminate wasted opportunities 

Cirrus Insight may be changing, but we’re still here to support you and your team.

If you have any questions or concerns about what the changes to our website will mean for your CI experience, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Or, if you want to get started with Cirrus Insight, why not start your free 14-day trial today?

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