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Sales Managers: Use These 9 Tools to Organize Your Sales Team

Sales Managers: Use These 9 Tools to Organize Your Sales Team

Maddy Osman

By Maddy Osman on Feb 27, 2019

When you work in sales, there’s hardly a moment when you’re not pulled in ten different directions. It’s a constant churn type of job. It’s a high-stress, no sleep type of job.

And for many, that’s part of the thrill. The adrenaline rush of the ever-constant chase is addicting. Not to mention the endgame reward that comes with finally closing a deal.

Sometimes, it’s not about working harder to achieve these desired end results in sales. It’s about enlisting the right mix of tools to help you work smarter. Specifically, tools that can help you transition from prospecting, to lead nurturing, to managing the post-purchase process effortlessly.

This is especially true when managing not just your own workload, but that of an entire team. A sales team may operate with their own individual sales goals in mind, but in order to meet larger company objectives, they need to stay in sync.

As you create processes for your sales team, give them the means they need to succeed.

Here are 9 tools to help in organizing your sales team.

#1: Cirrus Insight

“If you are looking to be more efficient and having your sales team actually log their emails in SalesForce I would recommend this product.”

Jennie D. (G2 Crowd) 

When your team spends the majority of their time in an email inbox moving sales along, duplicating their efforts in Salesforce can easily fall by the wayside. Cirrus Insight helps to eliminate the double duty and automate busy work with an easy-to-use Salesforce integration. Beyond these capabilities, this suite of sales productivity tools also provides functionality for running effective drip campaigns, tracking attachment metrics, creating personal scheduling pages, and more. 

Learn more about what makes Cirrus Insight a must-have tool to organize your sales team.

#2: Distribution Engine

“This tool allowed for very complex round robin and named account distribution in order to satisfy business requirements for a multi-level sales team. The support received from the NC2 is also amazing. I highly recommend.”

Kris J. (G2 Crowd)

Lead routing is no easy task for a sales manager. With Distribution Engine, you’ll free up hours spent on your end divvying out incoming contacts. You’ll improve email response times to prospective customers and put your sales team in a better position to succeed from the start.

Learn more about what makes Distribution Engine a must-have tool to organize your sales team.

#3: TaskRay

“TaskRay solves task management and visibility problems. By using projects and sub-projects, our tasks are much more organized, the right team members have visibility, and it provides for easy collaboration with Chatter.”

Travis C. (G2 Crowd)

Sales work doesn’t end with a contract. Staying organized and efficient through the post-sales process is critical for ensuring a new client relationship kicks off on the right foot. TaskRay streamlines task management and communications across sales and implementation teams for smoother, more successful onboardings. 

Learn more about what makes TaskRay a must-have tool to organize your sales team.

#4: Zoom

“Its ability to record conference calls and save them for later viewing is invaluable to members of our team that are unable to make the meeting for later review. We've found it much faster to communicate, share information, and give each other feedback using Zoom's integrated service.”

Ben. O (G2 Crowd)

Zoom makes conference calls with clients, prospects, and between teams a breeze. But one of the added bonuses of the tool is its ability to record calls for later viewing. Sales managers are able to better help their sales teams improve upon technique and train incoming employees with tangible examples.

Learn more about what makes Zoom a must-have tool to organize your sales team.

#5: Leadfeeder

“We now know which companies to contact since we know who is interested. It's really such a great tool for the price. I highly recommend Leadfeeder to any company who is looking for an analytics tool to give their sales team a boost in the right direction.”

Julianne J. 

Lead generation is as much about strategy as anything else in sales. And thanks to tools like Leadfeeder, sales teams can make website traffic data a part of that strategy. They capture not just who visits your company’s website, but how they found you and what they’re interested in, so teams can build a more personalized approach around outreach.

Learn more about what makes Leadfeeder a must-have tool to organize your sales team.

#6: Clean Your Room!

“This is a must-have for organizations that run their sales department in an opportunity focused way. It's excellent right out of the box.”

Beth B. (AppExchange)

Salespeople are competitive by nature, so why not use that quality to your team’s advantage? This tool provides teams with a dashboard for organizing weekly pipeline metrics, leaderboards, goals, and “housekeeping” items for motivating and keeping everyone in sync.

Learn more about what makes Clean Your Room! a must-have tool to organize your sales team.

#7: DocuSign

“DocuSign is the best feature we have for our Sales team for procuring the digitally signed sales contracts and legal documents via a secure process. At DocuSign all the electronic signatures are legal and safe to use for signing important/confidential documents.”

Rishabh R. (G2 Crowd)

After a lengthy sales cycle of introductions, pitches, and proposal negotiations, getting a signature on the dotted line shouldn’t be the one thing that holds up a sale. Give clients peace-of-mind and your sales team an easy way to execute contracts securely. DocuSign integrates with other sales team tool favorites like Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, and Google.

Learn more about what makes DocuSign a must-have tool to organize your sales team.

#8: Proposable

“This has been a huge help with our sales team since they are easily able to present materials customized for the customer and also get deals signed with it faster.”

Validated User in Marketing & Advertising (G2 Crowd)

When it comes to the perfect pitch, your team should be operating under one centralized process with regards to both product offerings and proposal design. Proposable allows teams to develop and send proposals fast. Additionally, it gives greater insight to sales managers over what’s been sent and what’s in the pipeline across team members.

Learn more about what makes Proposable a must-have tool to organize your sales team.

#9: Gong.io

“Our 50+ Person Sales Team continually uses this tool to recap calls, review, take notes, and better our messaging.”

Validated User in Computer Software (G2 Crowd)

As Gong advertises, “the game isn’t about having more conversations — it’s about having better ones.” The truth is, there are unconscious things every salesperson can do at any point in time to ruin their sales close. Gong’s tool takes the guesswork out of what’s working and what’s not during sales funnel conversations. This gets everyone on the same page in terms of both messaging and approach.

Learn more about what makes Gong.io a must-have tool to organize your sales team.

Final Thoughts: Sales Managers: Use These 9 Tools to Organize Your Sales Team

At every stage of the sales process, staying organized is key. With the right tools at a team’s disposal, they can begin to improve both the rate at which deals close and, in turn, better reach or even exceed established sales quotas.

Looking for more tools to review for better streamlining your sales team’s process? Check out some of our favorite Salesforce App integrations.

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