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Salespeople: Here's Why You Need a Personal Scheduling Page

Salespeople: Here's Why You Need a Personal Scheduling Page

Maddy Osman

By Maddy Osman on Jan 09, 2019

Work in sales? Then you are all too familiar with phrases and questions like:

  • I’m available between the hours of…
  • What time works best this week to hop on a call?
  • Let me know a number to reach you at.
  • Of course, we can reschedule. Do you have any free time Monday or Tuesday of next week? 

They are all part of the ongoing scheduling dance that takes place while networking, closing sales, and syncing with customer success teams during the post-purchase process.

Though it may not seem like these types of back-and-forth exchanges take up much time in the day, the bigger picture tells a different story. If you think the majority of your day is going towards selling during the week, think again. Studies have shown that, on average, salespeople spend only 35% of their time selling — with 65% spent on non-revenue generating activities.

There may be more at play impacting your monthly goals than just the unconscious things you’re doing to ruin a sales close. The real culprit may be inefficiencies in the process and more specifically, too much time wasted on meeting administration. 

Here’s why you need a personal scheduling page.

Make Meetings Efficient Again

During the week, most people in corporate America will spend 11 hours in meetings. How many of those meetings are actually worth having may be a different question entirely. 

Ask just about anyone in the working world whether they believe every meeting they go to is necessary and you’re likely to hear a resounding, “No!”.

Meetings tend to go off the productivity rails for a number of reasons. To name a few:

  • They lack a clear sense of purpose, agenda, or structure.
  • Those in attendance are unprepared to discuss issues at hand.
  • Not everyone in the meeting is relevant to the subject matter.
  • There are no established next steps at meeting’s end.

It’s clear that many of the factors contributing to meeting efficiencies can be proactively accounted for before a time is ever put on someone’s calendar. And with a personal scheduling page at your fingertips, you can better put yourself in control to do just that.

Creating a scheduling page with Cirrus Insight is not only easy, but completely customizable. From the date ranges you provide to a prospect or team member — choose from Anytime, Specific Dates, or Relative — you can also get granular with specific days of the week and meeting lengths. 

On the scheduling page itself, you’ll also be able to create content that’s relative to the meeting being scheduled. Welcome messages can be generated to address different stages in the customer journey, and you can insert a clear agenda in the meeting description section to help with setting expectations.

Customize Your Personal Scheduling Page for Different Meeting Types

A one size scheduling page does not have to fit all. You can literally create a new page for every different type of meeting you might anticipate having. 

For example, say you look at your weekly calendar and decide to block off afternoons on Mondays and Tuesdays for discovery calls. Within the scheduling page creator, you can create a page, label it Discovery, and set your availability for a variety of 15-minute time slots earlier in the work week. 

Alternatively, perhaps you prefer to reserve time mid to late week for prospect presentations. You can create another scheduling page for those types of longer, 1-hour meetings. 

Time-blocking may not always be an efficiency tactic you can adhere to perfectly, but with a personal scheduling page, organizing your work week by task becomes that much more manageable.

Quickly Create Personal Scheduling Pages for Timely Events

Sometimes prime networking opportunities come up last minute. And sometimes events, like Dreamforce, sit on your calendar for months in preparation for networking like a boss

Whatever the case may be, having the ability to create a personal scheduling page for these types of happenings allows you to make better use of your time onsite. Instead of sending out vague email asks for when people might be free to meet, weeks in advance, link to your event-specific scheduling page with a clear call-to-action. You can even promote this link to your professional network on LinkedIn and other relevant social channels. 

You can also use personal scheduling pages to circulate follow-ups while networking at the event, with a direct integration into Salesforce, for more timely meetings. And the best part? Adjusting your personal scheduling page is entirely in your hands — no need to wait on developers.

Empower Prospects with a Self-Service Scheduling Process

For as much as a personal scheduling page can leave you feeling empowered to better control, support, and organize sales efforts, it equally empowers prospects. 

Rather than sifting through email chains and aligning listed times with their calendars, potential clients have the ability to set meetings on their own terms. They can take action based on genuine interest and save you the hassle of having to continually check in for the sake of pinning down a simple timeframe.

The flexibility offered through personal scheduling pages also makes it easier for prospects to coordinate meetings across multiple parties in their organization. And in doing so, you’re more likely to spend time efficiently, getting in front of all possible, relevant decision-makers.

Final Thoughts: Why You Need a Personal Scheduling Page

Closing a sale can be difficult enough. Don’t let the administrative tasks that happen in between get in the way of simply getting in front of a prospect in the first place.

With personal scheduling pages, you can better tailor messaging around various meeting scenarios, while providing a level of flexibility and organization prospects are sure to take notice of. Eager to put them to the test? Sign up for your free 14-day trial!

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