Your 14-day Trial, Salesforce Integration

Cirrus-Insight-Screenshot   Just spend a little bit of time on our website and you'll start to notice special words jumping out at you. From Salesforce Integration to your G-Mail inbox, you probably have a general idea as to what we're all about here at Cirrus Insight. That's good, a general idea is great. But you know what's even better? Totally understanding what we have to offer. Consider first what we do. Your G-Mail inbox houses some of your most important data: contacts, key prospects, even time-sensitive reminders, or documents. Your Salesforce account maintains just as important, if not more detailed, information: customers and leads, signed contracts, etc. (Really, is there anything Salesforce can't keep locked away?) So, isn't it time we link the two together?  That's what Cirrus Insight does. With our 14-day Trial, you can try it out...for free! So what can you expect to get when you do sign up for our free trial? Check it out. That's not all! When you connect Salesforce and G-Mail together, you are combining two of the best of both worlds. Never miss a lead again; constantly stay up-to-date within your company and always know where everything is at. It doesn't get much better than this. Have we peaked your interest yet? Try it out! Let us know what you think!

Cirrus Insight is rated #1 by customers on the Salesforce AppExchange and the Google Apps Marketplace. We pride ourselves on intuitive design, powerful features, and excellent customer service.

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