How 4 Million AppExchange App Downloads and Cirrus Insight are Driving Growth

Salesforce has announced that the AppExchange has passed 4 million downloads. Launched in 2006, the Salesforce AppExchange has become “the world’s longest-running and largest business apps marketplace.”

With the growth the AppExchange and Salesforce, the company and it’s surrounding ecosystem is continuing to grow and become an influence on the world economy.

A newly released report from the International Data Corporation (IDC) says that worldwide, “Salesforce and its ecosystem will enable the creation of 1.9 million jobs within the Salesforce customer base from the use of cloud computing between the end of 2015 and the end of 2020,” and more than 2.8 million jobs indirectly.

Importance of Employee Productivity for Economic Growth

According to the IDC report, the biggest return percentage from Salesforce comes from operational improvements (39.7%), but the second biggest is employee productivity (26.6%). From the perspective of Cirrus Insight, this is huge and affirms our mission of helping salespeople and Salesforce users be more productive.

We’ve been excited to contribute major productivity gains to our customers over the years. Everyone from big universities to small startups have been able to increase their revenue and accomplish more each day thanks to the combined power of Cirrus Insight and Salesforce.

One of a our customers, Gusto, a startup focused on revolutionizing how payroll is done, took their sales processes that required 15 clicks and reduced it down to two thanks to Cirrus. That small increase in efficiency led to them saving 75 minutes per employee each day.

Over the course of the week, they saved 6.25 hours of time. That’s almost a whole another work day! Imagine being able to increase your team’s whole productivity by 20%.

That’s the value of employee productivity that’s helping the Salesforce ecosystem create $389 billion in new business revenue over the next five years.

How 4 Million AppExchange App Downloads and Cirrus Insight are Driving Growth

How the AppExchange Helped Us Get Here

We’re excited to see the huge growth of the AppExchange platform. The AppExchange was an essential part of our growth when we launched in 2011. It was our initial go-to-market and how many of our initial customers were able to discover us. Without the support of the AppExchange, Cirrus Insight would not be the app it is today.

Our customers have supported us, and left over 1,400 reviews with an average of 4.7 out of 5 making us one of the most and highest reviewed apps on the platform.

We want to thank both our customers and the AppExchange for their support over the years.

Where We’re Going Next

However, we’re not done yet. We want to make sure Cirrus stays modern and in-line with the new Salesforce Lightning. A new version of Cirrus Insight is on the way to make our app even more efficient and useful for bringing Salesforce to your inbox.

We’ve completely updated the look and style of the app while staying true to our ease of use.

If you’d like to learn more about what’s coming, you can see and enter the public beta for Cirrus Insight 5.0

We look forward to seeing all the growth that we and Salesforce can bring to our customers in the coming years.

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