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4 Smart Sales Management Reasons To Using Sales Activity Data

According to this article from Sirius Decisions, Sales force automation systems are starting to work for Sales professionals. In this article, it references that "Nobody likes administrative work, especially if they need to enter the same data in multiple places, if nobody looks at the data, or – worst of all – if the data they input provides nothing in return."

The article goes on to say that "These improved systems are capturing information automatically so that reps spend less time doing data entry, and they’re analyzing the data they capture to help reps target the best prospects and accounts, offload tasks such as calendaring, and guide reps using insights from the SFA data. SFA systems are finally becoming a valuable tool for reps and sales operations." 

A lot of organizations often ask repeated questions around why they cannot pinpoint key data around opportunities, prospects, and customers to make better decisions. As a result of this, many have to rely on anecdotal information or theory based on conversations combined with the data they are able to extract from the CRM. This is risky for any sales team. Teams should continue to invest in the right technology tools that automate the collection and tracking of critical sales activity data to ensure that they have a centralized data source to analyze activities to more accurately forecast, develop a smarter sales strategy that is data-driven, and optimize the sales operations with data to support territory management and key customer trends.

We have identified four Smart Sales Management Reasons To Using Sales Activity Data:

By using high-quality sales activity data and smart management methods, you can:

  1. Achieve and maintain more predictable revenue growth.
  2. Provide a better customer buying experience.
  3. Build and lead a high-performing sales organization.
  4. Reduce your customer acquisition cost and increase your sales contribution margin.

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Amy Green
Amy Green

Marketing Director at Cirrus Insight

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