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6 Travel Tips for Going to Dreamforce

By Joshua Loomis on Sep 01, 2015

virgin-america-plane Maybe you’re a frequent traveler, maybe Dreamforce is your one chance to get on a plane this year. Either way we have travel tips to help you get to San Francisco. Get excited! You’re going to have a fantastic time (and hopefully visit us for our happy hour)! We’ve put together advice for making the experience to and from Dreamforce as enjoyable as possible. Look forward to seeing you there!  

1. Have a Packing Strategy

You want to keep your packing as lean as possible while also taking whatever could prove valuable. Pack extra clothes that can be mixed and matched. You don’t want to spill something on yourself and suddenly not have enough outfits for the week. Make sure things are folded and managed compactly to save space. For Dreamforce, make sure you have comfortable shoes. You’ll likely be doing the same amount of walking as if you were at an amusement park. Every year we end up having to sprint somewhere at least once.  You’ll also want to bring anything that will help you sleep easier.


2. Know the Difference Between Non-Stop and Direct Flights

Here’s one our more experienced travelers might already know. What’s the difference between a direct or a non-stop flight? If you’re like me, your first reaction is “they’re not the same?” They’re not. Non-stop flights are just that. You go up in the air and you’ll come down at your final destination. For direct flights, you only have to board a single plane, but that plane can still stop and switch out passengers before getting back on your way. If you have the option, you’ll want to choose non-stop over direct. Enjoy-a-Direct-Flight

3. Charge Everything

The night before your trip, make sure you have every device from phone to electric razor charged and ready to go. You don’t want to be the person whose laptop or kindle dies halfway through the flight. Once you’re there, take any opportunity to keep your phone charged and ready to go. Having an extra charger with your, or even an extra battery, can be a life-saver for you (or one of your less prepared companions). chargers

4. Keep Comfy on the Flight

Here’s a unique tip for you. Bring a tennis ball on the flight to help you keep less stiff and sore. Roll it under your feet and even under your thighs to keep yourself loose. If you lose it, no sweat. Just a tennis ball. Another trick for staying comfy on your flight is to order a special dish, such as the vegetarian, in order to get your meal first. They’ll usually take care of your meal first, so you can avoid waiting as long. You’ll miss out on the airplane meat, but that might be another benefit. tennisball

5. Skip Renting a Car

Traffic in San Francisco is bumper to bumper. If you try and rent a car to get around, you’re likely to find yourself late to everything. Instead, focus on finding alternative modes of transportation to get yourself around. If you don’t cabs there’s always Uber and Lyft. Don’t be afraid to compare the prices between the two apps and see if one has a better deal for when you do need a car to help you get around. sanfrantraffic

6. Limit Your Jet-Lag

Changing time zones is rough. Even a couple hours can throw off your sleep schedule and make you a zombie. You need to know what’s best for getting your body back on track and keep going strong. You might be better traveling throughout the day, so you can sleep when you get there, or you can travel during the night and then push through the next day to get yourself on the local clock. Either way, you’ll want to stay well hydrated and avoid alcohol the first day that can ruin the restorative qualities of your sleep. JetLag
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