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A Salute to Cirrus Insight Customers Who Empower Women & Girls

A Salute to Cirrus Insight Customers Who Empower Women & Girls

Maddy Osman

By Maddy Osman on Jan 16, 2019

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Run like a girl.
Throw like a girl.
Fight like a girl.
Lead like a girl?

As recently as 2014, an ad from Always posed a simple question to a sampling of prepubescent and teenage girls:

What does it mean to do something “like a girl?”

Always found that generally speaking, the younger the girl, the less likely she was to view the phrase with negative connotations. She would act out each proposed action with confidence — throwing with force, running fast, and fighting with ferocity.

In comparison, the teenagers approached their actions with a joke-like mentality. Strength became weakness, tough became timid, and confidence became self-consciousness.

The above example is only one instance of these sort of “invisible rules” that women [and men] have been lead to believe. Specifically, that femininity and masculinity are separate; governed by societal ideals that have often proved glaring in the face of various women’s rights milestones

Over the years, organizations like Now, Me Too and Lean In have emerged on the pop culture spectrum, bringing with them hard-hitting questions and the clout to make change. 

The conversations they’re starting may not always be easy to have, but they’re necessary for the sake of driving diverse workplaces. If you’re most interested in the bottom line, diverse workplaces deliver better returns to shareholders and better quality of life to customers and employees.

Why Empowering Women in the Workplace is Necessary

Let’s talk statistics for a minute.

Women make up 48% of the Salesforce admin population, control 60% of US wealth, and 80% of US purchasing decisions.

Women make up a little over half of the U.S. population.

Women represent 59% of the college-educated, entry-level workforce, earning 60% of undergraduate degrees and 60% of master’s degrees.

And it doesn’t stop there:

  • Women earn 47% of all law degrees.
  • Women earn 48% of all medical degrees.
  • Women earn 37% of all MBAs.

These trends in education prove to be a step in the right direction, as more women pursue career paths that were once exclusive to men. However, there’s still work to be done in terms of supporting women who pursue careers in the sciences and business commonplace, in addition to women in leadership positions.

In corporate America, women have consistently maintained a mere 19% hold on C-Suite-level positions over the last five years. 

More specifically in sales, these numbers remain fairly consistent. In the last decade, the number of women in sales has increased: from 36% to 39%. 

But of those totals, only 19% of women hold any kind of leadership position.

 Are you starting to notice a pattern?

“Some leaders are born women.”
-Geraldine Ferraro

From promoting the formation of internal clubs to internalizing core values, there are a number of ways companies can approach empowering women in the workplace. More than just staking a set of beliefs in the ground, a company has to pledge to see their words through with action and well-aligned partnerships.

At Cirrus Insight, we’re proud to support a customer base of organizations dedicated to empowering women and girls: both inside and out of the workplace. 

Here are just a few of our empowering customers and the missions they represent.

Girls Who Code

Image Source: Girls Who Code

“It’s time that we prepare our students—specifically, our girls—for the future of work.”

-Girls Who Code CEO, Reshma Saujani

Founded in 2012, Girls Who Code is a nonprofit organization focused on growing the number of women in computer science.

Looking at the numbers, tech jobs remain some of the fastest growing in the country. Comparatively though, as the number of jobs has increased over the years, the number of women holding positions in computing has decreased.

Gender equality aside, these numbers do not bode well for a growing number of tech-based careers with a high demand for talent and low supply of qualified applicants

Hosting nationwide club meetings, as well as campus and summer immersion programs, Girls Who Code has a clear mission. Providing girls from 3rd grade to 12th with the tools and support necessary to pursue a career in computer science, Girls Who Code aims to close the disparity gap in the field by 2027.

Girl Effect

Image Source: Girl Effect

“We are at a point of great inflection across the world. As girls are connected, inspired and empowered by media and mobile platforms they become extraordinary catalysts for change.”

-Girl Effect CEO, Farah Ramzan Golant, CEO 

Active in over 50 countries and operating out of nine different locations globally, Girl Effect knows that women have the power to impact their communities and change the world.

The non-profit has been partners with other organizations like Gavi, PEPFAR, and UNICEF in supplying education-based services around the world. They also work to empower the abilities of young women to impact their community on issues that matter most to them, through youth initiatives and mobile platforms.

Girl Scouts

Image Source: Girl Scouts

“The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers,”

-Girl Scouts Founder, Juliette Gordon Low

Courage, confidence, and character are pillars of the Girl Scouts — an organization founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low.

Their programming not only provides a safe place for sisterhood and adventure, but exploration in areas like STEM, the outdoors, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, with troop leader supervision, programs remain girl-led and focused on encouraging a young woman’s potential for leadership. 

Whether it’s building a robotic arm, building a shelter in the backcountry, or volunteering in her community, the Girl Scouts promote developing one’s strong sense of self through practice and perseverance.

Final Thoughts: Cirrus Insight Customers Empowering Women & Girls

While a look at the numbers may not always paint a promising picture, there’s no shortage of individuals and organizations on a mission to equalize female representation across every discipline. And as more seeing prompts believing, there’s no end to the potential for change that lies ahead. 

From the team at Cirrus Insights, we offer a salute to all of our customers fighting the good fight to further empower women and girls in the workforce and beyond!

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