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Customer Spotlight: Tint

By Geoff Bokuniewicz on Feb 19, 2014

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At Cirrus Insight, we are fortunate to have some of the most interesting and innovative companies around as customers and partners. Each week, we select one of these organizations to highlight in our Customer Spotlight. This week we are thrilled to be featuring Tint! Tint is a fast-growing company that allows companies to show their social media feeds on any screen. Read on to hear their story!

About Tint

Tint is a simple and powerful solution that lets you display any social media feeds onto any of your marketing channels. You can aggregate and curate from ANY Facebook profiles/pages/groups/hashtags, Twitter accounts/hashtags/favorites, Instagram accounts/hashtags/locations, Youtube channels/playlists, Pinterest accounts/boards, Google + accounts/hashtags, and any RSS into one beautiful hub. You can then easily embed it into any website, mobile app, Facebook Page, retail displays, and event walls.

A Company On The Rise

2013 was a huge year for Tint. Over the last year, they relocated to tech hotspot San Francisco, saw their service adopted by the Indiana Pacers and San Antonio Spurs of the NBA, hit profitability, was featured on and then became the official social media sponsor of TechCrunch, and, in what must have been the coolest "we've made it" moment ever, took over Times Square via NASDAQ: tintup times square photo We can't wait to see what they have in store for 2014!

Business Context

With over 20,000 brands using Tint, it is vitally important for their sales team to be as efficient as possible, especially because their client list is growing rapidly and already includes major companies like the NFL, the NBA, Verizon, Aston Martin, Samsung, Cisco, Krispy Kreme, Mitsubishi, and many more. The company uses Salesforce and Google Apps to keep track of contacts/leads/opportunities/etc., so having a way to sync and manage both services from the comfort of their inbox is incredibly valuable.

Cirrus Insight's Impact on Tint

Over the last year Tint has grown from a standing start to over $1M annual in revenue. After the company installed Cirrus Insight the director of sales reported that it saved her 2.5 hours a week and increased the number of conversations she is able to have by 20%, which has been "essential in growing [Tint's] business and maximizing efforts." Imagine what you could do with a more productive work week. Success stories like Tint's are very common, so make sure and start a free trial with your small-to-medium business today!

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