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Making Sense of Data Analytics to Drive Sales

Making Sense of Data Analytics to Drive Sales

Maddy Osman

By Maddy Osman on Jun 12, 2019

Data. Everyone talks about. Everyone stresses the importance of it.

Especially now that technology has advanced enough to the point of serving it up on a platter for companies to dig through at their leisure.

The problem that arises can be understood through the paradox of choice. This concept is detailed in a book of the same name by Barry Schwartz. And while it may not be a sales book by intention, it certainly holds value for understanding why too much of something can negatively impact decision-making.

Schwartz writes, “The existence of multiple alternatives makes it easy for us to imagine alternatives that don’t exist — alternatives that combine the attractive features of the ones that do exist.”

You see this to a degree in performance metrics tracking across sales and other departments. There is so much data at our fingertips today that people end up either overanalyzing everything or they zero in on a select few data points — the ones most likely to tell a story in their favor.

If you’re not focusing on the sales metrics that matter, you’re not learning or prioritizing what your customer actions have to say. You’re focused on bad data — responsible for wasting 27.3% of sales reps’ time.

With the right tools in hand, you can incorporate analytics into sales processes in meaningful ways. Let’s take a look at the different ways using a sales productivity tool like Cirrus Insight, for example, helps in the analysis of performance numbers to drive sales.

Email Opens

Email is an important element of any salesperson’s approach.

On average, someone working in sales will send four messages per day — in addition to the various other touches they’re making through calls, voicemails, social media communications, and the like. Unfortunately, only 9% of sales emails are ever opened by prospects.

So even if you don’t think of yourself as an email spammer, you’re going to encounter your fair share of unopened messages. It’s all part of the game. As is knowing what to do once an email is opened.

Flight Plans make it possible for you to track which emails are opened while receiving real-time notifications. You can take advantage of being top-of-mind in these instances with immediate follow-up. Give your interested prospect a call and move them one step closer towards that closed deal.

Link Tracking

A prospect opening an email is one step in the right direction — it at least implies a baseline level of interest based on your subject line. However, if the recipient isn’t actually engaging with the body of your email, there’s a disconnect.

Outside of open rates, Flight Plans also allow you to track your email click-through rate. For every email sent, you’ll be able to identify the links they’re clicking and how much time they’re spending reading your content.

With the ability to tie this activity back to sales revenue using our proprietary outcomes algorithm, you’ll start to see a direct correlation over time between your approach and end goals. You can then draft more effective follow-ups based on links clicked — catering to a prospect’s specific interests rather than using one-size-fits-all tactics.

Sales Leaderboards

Sales managers are just as prone to data mismanagement as individual reps. Luckily, Flight Plans’ performance tab visualizes team performance in terms of both outcomes and activity.

Managers can use leaderboards to associate the outcomes of their sales teams’ efforts with an actual revenue value. Syncing with Salesforce data, team leads can also track against the specific actions every rep is taking in relation to set goals.

Having the ability to quickly identify top performers means sales managers can translate proven tactics across the entire team. The competition motivates, the data helps even the playing field.

Email Template A/B Testing

Templating messages helps you act fast on new opportunities as they arise. But they are not a substitute for personalization.

Pairing templated emails with open rates and link tracking make A/B testing a reality. If your team operates under the agile methodology, incorporating this level of testing into your process could be the focus of a sprint. Have your team create multiple messages across every stage of the sales funnel, establish a handful of combinations to test, and collate everyone’s results.

With data from the whole team, you should be able to identify trends in effectiveness across subject lines, attachments, calls-to-action, and other important email elements. The more you build on this over time, the more actionable your data points will become.

Sync Data Between Your Inbox & CRM

All this data is only going to be useful to you if you have access to it in a place where you can act on it.

Cirrus Insight can set up an automatic sync between your email activity and your Salesforce records. You can even update existing records straight from your inbox! A related feature, calendar sync, ensures that the appointments you set over email and add to your Google Calendar are also reflected as meetings on Salesforce.

Final Thoughts: Making Sense of Data Analytics to Drive Sales

Having access to data and knowing what to do with it are two different beasts. Naturally, you need the former in order to tackle the latter. But it’s easier said than done without clear direction and tools to help make sense of the potential insights.

If you’re currently tracking data for the sake of doing so, it’s time to start asking the real questions. Are you simply generating reports on a monthly basis to satisfy requests from higher-ups? Has there been a noticeable improvement as a result of the metrics pulled?

At the end of the day, you don’t have time in the day for aimless data pulling. Organize your team’s efforts around data in a meaningful way. Get started with a 14-day free trial of Cirrus Insight to learn how.

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