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Deploying Cirrus Insight Across Your Enterprise

Erika Desmond

By Erika Desmond on Apr 17, 2013

Release Notes

gapps ********** Update: Please see the following two guides for the most up to date information about easily deploying Cirrus Insight across the enterprise: Simple Google Apps Admin Guide to Installing Cirrus Insight Simple Admin Guide to Installing Cirrus Insight via Group Policy ********** Enterprises of all sizes are utilizing Cirrus Insight to seamlessly integrate Salesforce and Google Apps. We've always made deploying Cirrus Insight fast and easy. Each user in an organization can download Cirrus Insight in a matter of seconds. Today, we're pleased to report:

Deploying Cirrus Insight across your enterprise just got even easier!

Google has announced that admins can now manage Chrome policies from the Google Admin panel. Here's the announcement from the Google Apps Updates Blog:

Manage Chrome policies from the Google Admin panel

Released on 4/16/2013

Admins now have the ability to customize 100+ Chrome policies for users right from the Google Admin panel. That means employees will be able to access pre-loaded applications, custom themes, or a private app web store from any computer -- whether it’s the company desktop or personal laptop -- when they sign-in to Chrome with their Google Apps account.

Editions included: Google Apps for Business and Education

For more information:  

The Official Google Enterprise Blog joined the announcement:

"More than ever, employees are requesting to use their personal computers or devices for work. We’re also introducing cloud-based management of Chrome for Google Apps for Business and Education customers. Now, whether employees are working from the company’s desktop or their personal laptop, they will be able to access default applications, custom themes, or a curated app web store when they sign-in to Chrome with their work account. With cloud-based management, IT administrators can customize more than 100 Chrome policies and preferences for their employees from the Google Admin panel. Non-Google Apps customers who are interested can sign up here."


What does this mean?

As the King said in Alice in Wonderland, let's begin at the beginning. Chrome for Business is a secure and modern browser for work. You get security, stability, compatibility, speed, productivity, and developer tools. Plus, if you're a Google Apps customer, you get powerful cloud-based management which lets you customize 100+ policies for your organization. For example:

You can set a policy to deploy the Cirrus Insight extension for Chrome to your users.

Whether you have 5 users or 5,000, it's never been easier to deploy Cirrus Insight enterprise-wide for seamless integration of Salesforce and Google Apps. Let's get started!

1. Deploy Chrome

chrome If you haven't already, you can easily deploy and manage Chrome for your organization. (If your users already have Chrome, you can skip to Manage Apps and Extensions below.) Download the Chrome MSI package for Win8/Win7/Vista/XP Mac users can simply Download Chrome Guide for setting up Chrome for Business The guide includes information about installing the MSI on managed windows devices, setting up device-based policies, setting up user-based policies, and support for legacy browser sites.

2.  Manage Apps and Extensions

Step-by-step guide from Google: Chrome application settings in the Admin panel allow administrators to control which Chrome applications and extensions users can access, and whether users can create and publish their own apps. To manage application settings:
  1. Sign in to the Google Apps Admin panel.
  2. Select More Controls from the bottom of the page.
  3. Select Other Google Services from the list of icons.
  4. Click Chrome Management in the list and then click Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page.
  5. Scroll down to Pre-installed Apps and Extensions
  6. Click Manage Pre-installed Apps

3. Set Pre-installed Apps and Extensions

In the section titled Manage Pre-installed Apps and Extensions, click the link to Manage pre-installed apps. Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 1.30.58 PM
  1. Enter the name of the extension or application (i.e. Cirrus Insight) from the Chrome Web Store in the text box at the top.
  2. Press Enter to search the Chrome Web Store.Items matching your search criteria appear in the left column.
  3. Choose the item(s) to block or allow by clicking Add in the item's row.The selected item appears in the right column, and the Add link changes to Added.
If you've created an organizational structure in the Google Apps admin panel, you can choose to pre-install Cirrus Insight to a specific organizational unit. NOTE: The policy will be enforced the next time the user signs in to Chrome. If the user is already signed in to Chrome, a quick browser restart will enforce the policy (i.e. trigger the installation of the Cirrus Insight extension and any other selected extensions or apps). That's it!


Let us know if you have any questions, and we'd be happy to help you deploy Cirrus Insight across your enterprise.  

Additional information

Set Chrome Policies for Users

Guide for setting Chrome policies for users including Apps and Extensions, Security, Proxy Settings, Startup, Content, User Experience, Omnibox Search Provider, and Hardware.

Set Chrome Policies for Devices

Guide for setting Chrome policies for devices on your corporate-managed Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. 
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