Improving Rapport with Rapportive

We've been using Gmail and Google Apps even longer than we've been using Salesforce. At least 6 years. Over that time Gmail has matured dramatically and become the communications nerve center for millions of companies around the world.

Back in 2010, an application for Gmail called Rapportive burst onto the scene. Rapportive brought an amazingly useful and intuitive tool to Gmail users, allowing them to connect more closely and quickly with people they correspond with in Gmail. I personally started using Rapportive a few months after its launch and it inspired us to launch Cirrus Insight.

Early on in the ideation phase of Cirrus Insight, we had to make a decision. We loved how Rapportive gave people useful information quickly and did it without getting in the way. Frankly, we'd become hooked on Rapportive ourselves. We knew that we wanted Salesforce users to have a similar experience with Cirrus Insight. We made a decision that as Salesforce users, we would choose the CRM over our social networks - and turned off Rapportive in favor of Cirrus Insight.

Since our launch in December, we've been humbled by the great feedback we've received from our users. But a lot of users quickly said that they missed Rapportive because Cirrus Insight and Rapportive just didn't get along in the browser. A number of people even said outright that it was a deal-killer for them. And we completely understood - Rapportive is a great app, and we wanted to be able to use it, too.

We heard the feedback, and with the help of the great team at Rapportive, we are finally giving our users the ability to use both Cirrus Insight and Rapportive easily.

If you have Rapportive and Cirrus Insight installed, you'll now see a "Switch" link in the upper-right corner of Gmail. When you click either "Cirrus Insight" or "Rapportive", you'll be able to easily switch between them as much as you want:

With the ability to toggle between Cirrus Insight and Rapportive, you can now have contextual information from Salesforce as well as from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+,  and more, right alongside your emails in Gmail!