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A Closer Look at InsideView: Cirrus Insight's Side Panel Technology

A Closer Look at InsideView: Cirrus Insight's Side Panel Technology

Maddy Osman

By Maddy Osman on Feb 22, 2019

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Think about the last time you went to a networking event, a conference, or struck up a conversation with a potential business prospect while out at a bar. You likely walked away with business cards in hand and a warm lead prime for follow-up

Consider this as the ideal situation for driving new business, right below securing a referral.

Alternatively, perhaps your New Year’s sales resolutions factor more cold calling into the equation. Even with endless information at your fingertips, it can prove difficult to collate and match current contact information for relevant prospects.

Whether you’ve already made contact with an individual, or just have an email to work off of for that first touchpoint, the technology behind Cirrus Insight’s Side Panel has you covered.

Let’s take a look at the side panel, powered by InsideView, and its ability to save you time, effort, and headaches when tracking down important information for sales contacts.

What is InsideView?

Today’s decision-makers have more choices than ever before, across a highly competitive landscape of products and services. They also tend to be well-informed regarding available solutions, having researched the possibilities long before making first contact with a sales representative.

This is why personalization has become such a top priority for those in sales. It’s not enough to simply blanket your pulled email list en masse with a generalized pitch and hope for the best. Even a few custom merge tags are better than nothing.

That said, the best sales closing techniques are founded on correspondence that takes into account the finer details of a prospect’s needs and position within a company.

InsideView is a SaaS company built with thoughtful targeting in mind. Using artificial intelligence, their tool aggregates detailed data about markets, companies, and buyers — giving sales teams the ability to make meaningful connections from the get-go.


How Does InsideView Work?

Think of InsideView as a means for filling in any blanks you may have in relation to contacts in Salesforce or your inbox. The data in Side Panel is fed by InsideView if there isn't pre-existing data. 

Contrary to other data providers on the market, who promise that they’re “the world’s largest commercial database”, InsideView intentionally focuses on quality over quantity. To be sure, there’s no shortage of relevant business data to go around.

Their service pulls from 40,000+ data sources, providing relevant information about 32 million decision-makers across 180 countries.

InsideView continuously builds their database from publicly-sourced, algorithm-derived personal data. Through the power of artificial intelligence, they’re able to put the pieces together quickly, efficiently, and also learn from derived company email address formats for the sake of accuracy.

Putting the Cirrus Insight’s Side Panel to Work

If you’ve ever spent hours sifting through company web pages, LinkedIn, and online directories, you are well aware of the time and effort that can go into tracking down a single email address. Pair that with transferring data into Salesforce, and the time-consuming nature of just trying to make that first contact becomes all too real.

Using the power of InsideView, Cirrus Insight eliminates the painstaking hours spent reaching out to potential prospects. Within email, simply type the email of your contact into To line and the Cirrus Insight Side Panel will generate the rest.

If you’re already using Cirrus Insight, you can also access Side Panel from the top right corner of your Gmail inbox, under your avatar. Simply click Toggle Sidepanel to view or hide the feature.

Without ever leaving your inbox, you’ll be able to readily view information related to a contact’s name, title, company, location, and phone number. It’ll also generate details specific to the company when available, such as industry, employee range, and revenue range.

Better yet, you can use Side Panel information pulled from InsideView to create or update your existing Salesforce entries. This saves you from having to toggle back and forth between tools, while ensuring that every piece of data is captured for future reference.

Pair Side Panel functionality with other productivity tools from Cirrus Insight — like follow-up reminders and email templates — and you’ll quickly become aware of previous time wasted on sales administration tasks. Better yet, you’ll find yourself dedicating more time to driving meaningful connections with higher returns.

Final Thoughts: The Inside Scoop on InsideView

Cirrus Insight is a powerful tool in and of itself that is further amplified by the power of third-party partners like InsideView. Thanks to InsideView’s adherence to highly relevant data around companies people actually want to do business with, sales teams who take advantage of these resources are better equipped to close deals based on long-term relationship potential. 

If you’re already putting Side Panel to work within your sales team, send any and all suggestions our way! Submit your thoughts and vote on other community ideas to help steer our development team in the right direction when it comes to upcoming priorities.

Not currently using Cirrus Insight but curious to see how the power pairing of InsideView with Side Panel could help enhance your prospecting efforts? Get started with your 14-day free trial — no credit card required.

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