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Introducing Multiple Calendar Views

A Personalized Calendar Experience For Even The Most Complicated Schedules.

ZynBit's calendar scheduling functionality is build to provide a better way to book more meetings, tracking your meeting activity and provide a better customer experience. Customers want to take control of their buying process, their schedule, and the frequency in which they meet with account advisors and managers. With most technologies now enabled to provide this on-demand experience, customers are coming to expect this in the business space as well.

Calendar scheduling tools are not new and many organizations have adopted them widely, however they vary in the experience they give to your customer. If you are asking a customer to book time with them by the experience for them is not seamless, they see it as something that does not benefit them or save them time, it provides the perception that the tool is only there to save the reps time. This can backfire is not the customer experience you ultimately want with your customers.

Let's explore some examples of this.

Example 1: The Meeting Times That Only Work For You! This is a common example where calendar sharing tools push out specific times and days that you are available. But, what if those specific days and times do not work for the customer? The process has backfired, it has now caused the customer to start the process of back and forth communication to schedule 1 meeting!

Example 2: The Two Office Locations. Many professionals operate in different locations on different days of the week. This is generally actually designed to better serve the customer, but it also makes scheduling more difficult. However, when a scheduling tool can have multiple calendar views, the customer can see only the days that fit into their location, making it easier for them to pick a time that is convenient for their schedule and location!

To help visualize the process for the two office locations we have developed a useful and short video that walks through how you can design a personalized calendar to fit all of your scheduling needs especially when you need to display different calendar views to different customers. In this example video, Advisor A is in Charlotte on Tuesday and Wednesdays to service customers and in Raleigh, on Monday and Fridays. The customer can now easily the times that are available to them in a more personalized and on-demand experience.

Amy Green
Amy Green

Marketing Director at Cirrus Insight

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